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It has been about 3 years since Thunderdome Ministries went looking for a new web host. It has been on Webs, Weebly, Wix and even Yola. Each of the mentioned had things to offer and even stuff that was lacking. In the end i all came back to where it began a fresh back in 2008. So once again   will be the official home of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

So now I be you are wondering wha will transpire with he other sites right? Here is a lesson in creating websites. You keep the other sites for the following reasons

  1. Use one as a mirror site. If the main site goes down you have a backup.
  2. Use one or two to experiment with html coding and new appearances and feels.
  3. Use one to try out holiday themes and ideas. Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving go over well. More so if you are a retailer.
  4. Use one or two locations to store/backup your graphics.
  5. This last aspect is important: log into you older accounts at least every two months. This will prevent the host from deactivation the account.

Lastly let me say this;  While Webs is where the domain name is at present it will get changed before the years out.


First i would guess you are wondering what TWOD is right? What it stands for is as follows; True Women Of Destiny. I is a small up and coming 501C ministry that needs he assistance of the saints in Christ Jesus.

First, the ministry right now needs funding in order to help women with children in need who are on campus presently.

 Second, the ministry needs about 25-30 feet feet of chain link fence four feet high not only donated but also installed.

Thirdly, since infants are coming in with their mothers then they need disposable diapers and other things babies need on a daily basis.

If you feel led of the Lord to help  TWOD please contact the ministries founder via the following means:

  • Phone/Text:         1+248-688-4342
  • EIN:                     38-3682595

        Address:               True Women Of Destiny 

                                       Sandra Bryant, Apostle & Founder                                    

                                       4935 Wood Street

                                      Waterford, Michigan  USA


Thank you for stopping by and may God bless you as you bless thee above mentioned ministry 


The above entry donated by Littlethunder and Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.


For many readers you have been following my exploits of me buying my first house. Well here is something brand new, simply put yours truly has created a entire website dedicated to this adventure.

The site contains just about everything you need to know about what is transpiring. Simply go to the link provided below. I sure hope you will stop by and pay a visit.

Littlethunders First House @

Misc links

Littlethunders First House Wishlist @


Recently, I brought a class action complaint against LG Electronics USA. I’m being represented by the attorneys at Edelson PC,, a class action firm based out of Chicago. In the complaint, we allege that LG misrepresented the internal storage capacities of some of its smartphones, such as the Optimus L9, the phone I had. We also allege that LG failed to tell people that the external SD is pretty much useless–you can’t even install applications on it! The case is pending in New Jersey federal court. You can contact the attorneys at if you have any questions. 


Author: David “Littlethunder” Liebler

The word for us to meditate on to today is pronounced fee’-los it occurs a total of 97 times in the scriptures. Its first appearance is located in Genesis chapter twenty-six. Whereas it’s last occurrence is found in James. Just what is fee’-los? You would find it in the English tongue as the word friend or friends.
Many of us growing up had at least one friend in our time. That person was always fun to be with. Perhaps, if you were like me, you even got to romp through a pile of fallen leaves after you raked them up. Maybe you even went looking for pop bottles so you could get a piece of penny candy from the nearby store. Then too you swore you would be best buddies for all time. Only thing is as you got older and older that friend drifted away until they were just a fleeting memory.
Just for the sake of interest just what is a friend? How is it really defined? The Greek word is defined as ….
φίλος philos fee’-los
Properly dear, that is, a friend; actively fond, that is, friendly (still as a noun, an associate, neighbor, etc.): – friend.
Friends are a real treasure to have. If you have such they can be like Pandora’s box. But without them there is only torment. Torment you ask? you heard me right. many people especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are pure torment for those with little to no friends or family. In fact statistics show that the suicide rate during these holidays is higher than any other time of year. And suicide is mostly done by the lonely; those who are single, and or divorced. I have never heard of people committing such if they had friends or family around them.
But I have good news. There is hope for the hopeless. And when all chips are down. When everyone has gone their own way you still can have a friend. This fellow will never leave you or forsake you even when all others might.
John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down 7 his life for5228 his friends.
John 15:14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.
Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat thought he had no friends when it came time to launch his new invention. I am sure that he was at his lowest point. But listen to what transpired. Listen to how God intervened in this situation;
“ One day a man went on board the boat and the following conversation transpired;
Mr. Fulton, I presume?
Yes Sir?
Do you return to New York with this boat?”
We shall try to get back sir.”
“Can I have passage down?”
You can take your chance with us sir.”
How much is the passage money?
Fulton never thought about that. After a moment’s hesitation he named the sum of six dollars. The man became the first person to pay for a steamboat passage in history.
Four years later; Fulton met this man and told him; “The vivid emotions caused by your paying me that first passage money will always be remembered. That sir seemed the turning point in my destiny-the dividing line between light and darkness-the first actual recognition of my usefulness from my fellowman.”
Here is the heart of the matter;
#1… God loves you a great deal. This can be proven in John chapter three.
#2… God wants to treat you and can call you His friend.
#3… As God’s friend you can be a sure of this; God will never leave you or forsake you. Regardless of the situation, where you are and what you may be doing at the time.
Hebrews 13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Recently I came across this little writing by Charles Spurgron;
If you reject Him
He answers with tears
If you wound Him.
He bleeds our cleansing.
If you kill Him. He dies to redeem
If you bury Him
He rises again to bring resurrection.”

Frankly, I think it is really an awesome thing that someone so full of love and concern would desire to be my friend.
John indeed wrote it right: John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Who is who and What is what?

By now you very well have heard of Thunderdome Ministries Network. As well you may as well heard of Littlethunders Castle. If you have heard of either or both of them you are in fine hands and your not about to go crazy. So allow me, if you will to set the record straight:

Littlethunders Castle is yours truly personal website. It contains pages that are of interest to me on a personal level. It also contains what one would call trail pages to find out if visitors would like them. Now here is what you may not know: My website creating days began over ten years ago under the nickname DL Cool over at Over time DLCool fell to the roadside and Littlethunder rose from the ashes if you will.. What you may not know is that yours truly is the founder and president of Thunderdome Ministries.
Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc. rose from the ashes back in the mid 1980’s. Back then there was no internet and so it was a hand published newsletter with a circulation of one hundred and fifty per month. When I learned about the internet and computers in 1988 just about everything took off like a mission to the moon. Of course as founder and president I had no help and needed to do just about everything myself.
So where does everything stand today?

As I sit today I await the banks approval for a house in Flint Michigan. With the purchase of an actual house it will give myself a roof over my head. Furthermore it will allow Thunderdome Ministries a place to call a headquarters for many years. This also means that you, the reader could have a real place to send your love gifts/donations, which in the past have been truly lacking

In regards to the websites and the needs of the ministry?

As of this writing here is what the ministry needs to do to meet its goals.

A new laptop and tablet needs to be obtained. The system(Asus G60) presently in use is slowly failing bit by bit. At the time of this writing I have partial use of the keyboard and the cd/dvd player no longer works and the card readers never have worked.
An all in one printer is needed. The present printer was a donation from Pastor Karl from Faith City Church from Fenton Michigan as is about five yeas of age
This part is on the website in a little more detail; build a campus to assist Christians exiting prison. Thus allowing them to further their Christian education, work on campus, and adjust o modern day society. Estamained cos o build and maintain for a leas 5 yeas is that of about fifty million dollars
Funds for supplies ie paper and ink or printer, tracks and funds for campus and its staff.

Thunderdome Ministries > officially @ New locations @ mirror site @
Littlethunders Castle > officially at New locations @ mirror site @

So now you know a bit about Thunderdome Ministries and yours truly. I hope you learned a little bit about what and where everything stands at the time of this writing. I hope this serves you well.

Want to send a love gift ?

IF you want to send in a love gift please make you check out to Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.** If you want a tax deduction please go through Faith City Church in Fenton Michigan @ 1-810-750-2200 other wise send love gifts to the following address: Checks above $100 should be sent via a certified check or money order


Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.
David Liebler Founder/President/Evangelist
4935 Wood Street

Waterford MI 48329


**Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc is not a tax exempt ministry. Thus all love gits/donations can not be claimed as a ax deduction.