No Kidding ?

aniart071    Question:     What do these seemingly innocent websites have in common?

While these sites sound good, even promising, there is a catch and it is found in their Term Of Service which may read like the following

Payouts: You can request payment with your account balance has reached $10,000. Payments are made via Paypal and Payza. Payment waiting time is 60 business day(s). All earnings listed and/or represented by are estimated value(s), actual value(s) subject to change with or without notice.”

I hope you noticed the phrase 60 business day(s). Since there is only 5 days in a business week it does not take a person long to figure one easy conclusion; a person could not hope to see any payment for 12 weeks or 3 months or more.

As of this writing I wait for at least three of those websites to payup.Here are the dates when I requested the payout;

  1. Aug 09, 2014 }
  2. Aug 03, 2014 }
  3. 08/20/2014 }
  4. 09/08/2014 }

Why does it take so long? Frankly I do not know. Yet I have my theories, of which I legally cannot pen. However, until payment(s) are received certain actions have been taken.  One of which is their banners and or links have been removed from all websites and blogs until payment is recieved

I hope this has been of some assistance. Stay tuned for any updates to this subject.

Its Time: Website creation tip

FREE Holiday graphics below:


In the past yours truly has past along tips in creating a website. Today will be no different.
Regardless if you have a business or just a personal site you want your site to stand out in the crowd.
Here is what you need to do this time of year;

Create one page with holiday decorations. such as Twinkling Christmas lights. Add a Christmas tree and so forth. Once your pleased with what you have done you need to save your masterpiece. However, do not publish the work until late October or early November. What you created will replace your landing page until January second of 2015

As you put together the site always be willing to attempt new ideas,But never tip your hat to what your trying. Furthermore remember to do the following.

  1.  Save your graphics. That means creating at least four folders: jpg, gif, animaton and backgrounds
  2. In the search for graphics be sure its royalty free.
  3. If your going to maybe use any Disney stuff then get permission first. Disney is trying to halt graphic thieves. If you get permissions  make sure you add “Disney  graphics used with permission.” some place on the page.

FREE Christmas graphics below:

turkey02          Christmas tree




Do you have a Christian based website?

You could have a link to your site appear at rent free for the remainder of 2014. A simple spreadsheet will keep track of all entries.

Simply send a link to the following email GODS-LITTLE-EVANGELIST@OUTLOOK.COM be sure to include the following;

  1. Name of website
  2. Website address

After it has been verified as a Christian website. It will remain on Thunderdome Ministries website until midnight December 31, 2014. Thereafter there will be a $10/mo charge.

Both ways you win and help Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.


Those wanting to display a banner an extra $5/month will be charged  per banner entered. Simply include the entire html or Jave script code no frams or flash allowed.All banners must be 125×125 in size, no exceptions

Back Home

It has been about 3 years since Thunderdome Ministries went looking for a new web host. It has been on Webs, Weebly, Wix and even Yola. Each of the mentioned had things to offer and even stuff that was lacking. In the end i all came back to where it began a fresh back in 2008. So once again   will be the official home of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

So now I be you are wondering wha will transpire with he other sites right? Here is a lesson in creating websites. You keep the other sites for the following reasons

  1. Use one as a mirror site. If the main site goes down you have a backup.
  2. Use one or two to experiment with html coding and new appearances and feels.
  3. Use one to try out holiday themes and ideas. Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving go over well. More so if you are a retailer.
  4. Use one or two locations to store/backup your graphics.
  5. This last aspect is important: log into you older accounts at least every two months. This will prevent the host from deactivation the account.

Lastly let me say this;  While Webs is where the domain name is at present it will get changed before the years out.


First i would guess you are wondering what TWOD is right? What it stands for is as follows; True Women Of Destiny. I is a small up and coming 501C ministry that needs he assistance of the saints in Christ Jesus.

First, the ministry right now needs funding in order to help women with children in need who are on campus presently.

 Second, the ministry needs about 25-30 feet feet of chain link fence four feet high not only donated but also installed.

Thirdly, since infants are coming in with their mothers then they need disposable diapers and other things babies need on a daily basis.

If you feel led of the Lord to help  TWOD please contact the ministries founder via the following means:

  • Phone/Text:         1+248-688-4342
  • EIN:                     38-3682595

        Address:               True Women Of Destiny 

                                       Sandra Bryant, Apostle & Founder                                    

                                       4935 Wood Street

                                      Waterford, Michigan  USA


Thank you for stopping by and may God bless you as you bless thee above mentioned ministry 


The above entry donated by Littlethunder and Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.


For many readers you have been following my exploits of me buying my first house. Well here is something brand new, simply put yours truly has created a entire website dedicated to this adventure.

The site contains just about everything you need to know about what is transpiring. Simply go to the link provided below. I sure hope you will stop by and pay a visit.

Littlethunders First House @

Misc links

Littlethunders First House Wishlist @


Recently, I brought a class action complaint against LG Electronics USA. I’m being represented by the attorneys at Edelson PC,, a class action firm based out of Chicago. In the complaint, we allege that LG misrepresented the internal storage capacities of some of its smartphones, such as the Optimus L9, the phone I had. We also allege that LG failed to tell people that the external SD is pretty much useless–you can’t even install applications on it! The case is pending in New Jersey federal court. You can contact the attorneys at if you have any questions.