For years I have struggled creating websites after websites only to learn one thing. That is they were not getting seen. Thus it became a game of Peek-A-Boo and thus things had to change. But how? Where could yours truly go?

Then one day in some year back in history I cam across something called PTC. PTC simply means point to click. In other-words, a mere traffic exchange. Thus, i view your site and in return they view my websites.

Question to be answered

Are all PTC sites created equal? The answer is no! What one needs to do if find one that fits his/her needs.Often its a trial and error method. What seems to work today may not work  down the road and you will do exactly what ive done, drop them like a hot potato, and there is zero shame in doing so.

So allow me to give you a head start

Below is several PTC sites I have learned to trust over the years. All you need to do is click one on, signup and the rest is easy and explained. I hope this gives you some hope of your website or blog being discovered.

Please   click  and join   any   or all of   the   following.   Membership  is    free….you do like free right?


Opps….my bad

House-Warming-3I m sorry I nearly forgot to pen the following:

On the afternoon of March 28th 2015 I finally  had my house warming party at my first house.

Location was in Flint Michigan. Between Miller Road and M21

Dispite best efforts ten people showed up.Everyone from Faith City Church from Fenton Michigan.

Sadly not a single neighbor piped in to say hello. Hope this is not a reflection of things to come. Otherwise it could make for a lonely 25 plus years.

Since this was a potluck affair i had plenty of food afterword.Yep, I can say that some leftovers are better with age, this applies mostly to chili.

Gifts? indeed there was several who brought gifts. Some were cash and some quite useable such as an electric lawnmower and tables.

Did you want to attend but could not make it? Maybe you wanted to send gifts.Well, frankly you still can. Here is how;

simply send the love gift** to the following address
David Liebler
3513 Clairmont Street
Flint Mi 48503
** If sending a financial love gift please use be sure the check is certified.

BTW….it was recently  learned that 95% of my bake-ware is MIA and must be replaced. Otherwise, no brownies, cakes or pies. Can you help me regain  all my bake-ware?

Many thanks to Mark Blue from Waterford Michigan who repainted the inside of my home in January. Some Photos below:

Master Bedroom repaintedIMG_0102IMG_0100IMG_0104


I’ve been on the World Wide Web since 1988 when things were pretty raw. But one thing that has bugged me in certain online games, mostly casino games. Allow me to explain;

Back in the days of arcades, and I miss them so much, we played games for fun and sometimes tokens. That was all good as it kept you returning to the same arcade. And so I got truly addicted to the arcade mores to the good old fashion pinball machines. Now I was NOT a Pinball Wizard but I loved the sounds, vibrations and feel of a good machine.

Today we have games of all sorts on the World Wide Web. Some are on places like Pogo or Facebook but they all miss two real things. Number one they don’t have the sounds or feel like the games from arcades. Secondly there are really no rewards to give you the sense of accomplishment.

Thus, and here is what I propose to someonewith the brains to legally pull this off;

Develop a game site that pays off in real time cash prizes. I am NOT talking about casino type gaming as some people can not afford such type games. Some people, such as the elderly and disabled are on a fixed income. Thus we would NOT wanting them, or anyone else, risking house and home. Thus the challenge to develop a gaming website were real prizes are issued.

What type of prizes? Anything one could want: cash, clothing, vacation of all types. Got the picture?
These are gifts and prizes any person could win. Could you picture taking a cruise on a ship on the Great Lakes? How about an all expense paid vacation to places like Cedar Point or Six Flags?
There are endless places one could go right here in the good old United States of America, right?And at zero pocket money to each and every player,

Now, dear reader, the challenge is out.
Can such a website be created at zero cost whatsoever to the potential public?
Will you be the one to create such a sweet spot for the public?
If you are feel free to contact me for more details @ lets work out the details for the common good.

It Has to be…..

done. no way around it!

How does yours truly keep his PC running smoothly ? In one word, maintenance!

Just like a person takes care of his/her car one needs to do maintenance on their computer.You just can not drive a car without gas and oil so you need tools to care for your computer.

As for myself here is a list of tools I use on a regular bases;

Now that this year is closing I make sure to run all the above on December 31st. Why? This gives me the confidence  that I am going into a new year with a squeakie clean computer. Why all the detail?  Every item I use provides a little something that another may miss. The PC Pitstop mentioned is run after the others have done their task. PC Pitstop helps make me aware of areas that need adjusting

Now its time for you to put your computer through its paces to be sure your going into the new year with a cleaned up system.

See you next year!

happy new year 003


“Good Day!”

Allow me to ask you a question, then I will proceed; Do you remember a radio announcer by the name of Paul Harvey?   I know I sure do!  Just as a refresher here are a few quotes you may remember:

Sometimes we can get so caught-up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season that we forget something ever so simple. Christmas does not have to be high-tech. In fact it is about as low tech as you can get. And yet, well this may seem sappy and even Biblical but where along the line did society, as a whole, forget about, “our brothers keeper.”

As a Christian I see people in my church helping one another just like a family does. Yet, there is two parts of society that often seems to get neglected #1 those who are single and maybe with no family and #2 those who are in prisons both locally and globally.

Are we really our brothers keeper? or is that basic of basic principals gone down the ways of floppy disks and software no longer apt to keep-up with an ever changing world?

Im no sure if Paul Harvey was a simple man, and he may very well was. I would like to think he was one part of society, just like my church, who….knew how to be a “brothers keeper.” Instead of all the fighting and protests thats going on. Maybe one should ask a friend or neighbor, “can I be your brothers keeper?”

Believe it or not the principle of our brothers keeper ought to ring loud not just at Christmas time. Instead it ought to ring 365.4 days a year all over this place we call earth.

Special links to Paul Harvey and my favorite commercial

Year End Clearance


I bet you thought this entry was in regards to some store hawking their goods right?


What this is about is you clearing out unwanted emails


As you may know, not all email is spam!  Some email comes your way from various places.  Example: when I recently moved I was getting mail from seemingly every corner of the globe; and im not just talking about email. All of which I was glad to receive as it provided ideas how to fix up my little corner of this place called Earth.

Now you know that companies X, Y,and Z will send mail for a limited time. And to cut their losses they will discontinue sending you their material out of cost cutting measures. That is how they operate using the postal system.

Email is different. To companies X,Y and Z email is a freebie. Thus, they have nothing to lose as long as you or your email provider does not declare it as spam. To stop getting email from just about any company look down at the bottom of their email. In very small print you ought to see the word, “unsubscribe.”   Click on that word and you should no longer receive that companies email within a weeks time. If after seven working days you continue to receive their material then you can classify it as spam.

Just how often does yours truly clean up his email ? Normally, it comes down to twice a year. But I make sure its done in the last two weeks in December, mostly because I like to have a clean slate going into January.

Word to the wise

I maintain three mail accounts: one for my friends, my Gmail account for 98% of Google related material and my third strictly for business which gets a once over before deleting. How many email accounts should you have? The answer is simple; whatever you are comfortable with. If you can handle only one that’s okay too.

I now return you to your favorite shopping location.



Never do the following #1 never give anyone you work with your personal email address, not even your  boss! Give them a different email address. #2 Never give out your password(s) not even to your spouse, family members and so forth.

See you in 2015

happy new year 003