I heard it once said that the worse invention was that of the cellphone. And I tend to believe it. Furthermore, I am in agreement that use of a cellphone while driving should be banned. Allow me to explain:

I have 2 cellphones and a tablet. The 2nd cellphone is in the house in case I lose the first one and thats all. And the tablet has only once left the house. So I use my cellphone wisely.

Others I am not sure of. In fact I think some people will not learn the dangers of driving and texting until someone dies in an accident and by that time it will be to late.

I know of a couple people who make phone calls and text while driving. Sometimes they make use of all three cellphones at once. Thus putting passengers and other drivers at risk.  But what can be done to curb the threat?

What can be done  if you know of someone who sends text messages while driving?

If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to make a comment.

Something has to change in Michigan to stop people from this behaviour.



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I hope you will take a little time out of your day and see where yours truly has been oer the last few months. I hope to be here far more often giving you a little insite from time to time.

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I wish i were here every day but its never that easy. Thus I leave you today a list where you can find me.

I also just downloaded Skype and have zero clue how to use it

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Will YOU accept the following challenge?

Will YOU accept the following challenge? Sign up NOW!

WHEN: July 4 2015
Location: Facebook

The Challenge:
This challenge if for ALL professing Christians.

Object: NOT to post anything on Facebook starting at 12:01am est July 4th until midnight.

Any and all postings will cost the sender the simple sum of $3.33 each in U S dollars
payable to Thunderdome Ministries

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You may make checks (certified over the amount of $75 please) or money orders payable to:
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All funds will go directly into the ministry bank account at Chase Bank.

Single or married?

Regardless what race, creed or color of your skin it comes down to this:

Single or married?

If your married there is lots to do. Plus there are hundreds of discounts available. Lets look at a few shall we?

Discounts at theme parks like Cedar Point, Six Flags or at any number of Disney parks.
Discounts for cruises
Perhaps discounts for hotel rooms
Family afternoon/night at movies
Father-son events
Father-daughter dances

The above is only a few. But what about those who are single or divorced?

Divorce support group
Bowling leagues
Softball teams
Single parents events

                                                              But wait! STOP THE PRESSES!

                        There has to be more for singles right?

Several years ago several Christian had a Friday or Saturday night event. We would get together at some ones house or apartment to watch Christian movies. In time this faded into the sunset like a good Indiana Jones movie.

Lets take a look at churches: How many events and or classes does your place of worship have for singles?

per week?

per month?

per year?

Does it seem that every sermon is direct towards the “family?” Or hints are given to singles that go something like this, “for those who are single, you’ll need this in case you ever get married.”

Lets face the fact: to be single/divorced means you are part of a minority. Of course certain people would/will deny that statement. Yet we all know its true. But, is there hidden benefits to being single? The answer is yes!

Tom Cruise showed us in the movie Top Gun: Yes its nice to run around the house in your underwear.It sure saves on the laundry bill.
Food; you only have to cook for one. Better yet TV dinners have just the right portion and there are no left overs.
Having more time for ministry work or Bible studies.

Yes there are down sides to being single. But that is a situation that many singles work out for themselves as time proceeds forward.

Regardless how much your single a person must not forget that s/he always has one friend for all eternity, “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. These things I command you, that ye love one another.” John 15: 12-17

In closing remember the following whether in the pulpit or not

Single people


as human as those who are married.

Opps….my bad

House-Warming-3I m sorry I nearly forgot to pen the following:

On the afternoon of March 28th 2015 I finally  had my house warming party at my first house.

Location was in Flint Michigan. Between Miller Road and M21

Dispite best efforts ten people showed up.Everyone from Faith City Church from Fenton Michigan.

Sadly not a single neighbor piped in to say hello. Hope this is not a reflection of things to come. Otherwise it could make for a lonely 25 plus years.

Since this was a potluck affair i had plenty of food afterword.Yep, I can say that some leftovers are better with age, this applies mostly to chili.

Gifts? indeed there was several who brought gifts. Some were cash and some quite useable such as an electric lawnmower and tables.

Did you want to attend but could not make it? Maybe you wanted to send gifts.Well, frankly you still can. Here is how;

simply send the love gift** to the following address
David Liebler
3513 Clairmont Street
Flint Mi 48503
** If sending a financial love gift please use be sure the check is certified.

BTW….it was recently  learned that 95% of my bake-ware is MIA and must be replaced. Otherwise, no brownies, cakes or pies. Can you help me regain  all my bake-ware?

Many thanks to Mark Blue from Waterford Michigan who repainted the inside of my home in January. Some Photos below:

Master Bedroom repaintedIMG_0102IMG_0100IMG_0104


I’ve been on the World Wide Web since 1988 when things were pretty raw. But one thing that has bugged me in certain online games, mostly casino games. Allow me to explain;

Back in the days of arcades, and I miss them so much, we played games for fun and sometimes tokens. That was all good as it kept you returning to the same arcade. And so I got truly addicted to the arcade mores to the good old fashion pinball machines. Now I was NOT a Pinball Wizard but I loved the sounds, vibrations and feel of a good machine.

Today we have games of all sorts on the World Wide Web. Some are on places like Pogo or Facebook but they all miss two real things. Number one they don’t have the sounds or feel like the games from arcades. Secondly there are really no rewards to give you the sense of accomplishment.

Thus, and here is what I propose to someonewith the brains to legally pull this off;

Develop a game site that pays off in real time cash prizes. I am NOT talking about casino type gaming as some people can not afford such type games. Some people, such as the elderly and disabled are on a fixed income. Thus we would NOT wanting them, or anyone else, risking house and home. Thus the challenge to develop a gaming website were real prizes are issued.

What type of prizes? Anything one could want: cash, clothing, vacation of all types. Got the picture?
These are gifts and prizes any person could win. Could you picture taking a cruise on a ship on the Great Lakes? How about an all expense paid vacation to places like Cedar Point or Six Flags?
There are endless places one could go right here in the good old United States of America, right?And at zero pocket money to each and every player,

Now, dear reader, the challenge is out.
Can such a website be created at zero cost whatsoever to the potential public?
Will you be the one to create such a sweet spot for the public?
If you are feel free to contact me for more details @ gods-little-evangelist@outlook.com lets work out the details for the common good.