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Okay here we are  with only only 33 days left in this year and so the search begins here and now. Time can no longer wait the WANTED poster is hanging for all to see. What does the WANTED poster say? This is what  it ought to say:


Sponsors for the  year 2013 for

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc


That’s right dear reader Thunderdome Ministries Network needs sponsors for next year to help cover various expenses. During the next 12 plus months funding needs to be raised in order to keep the ministry afloat for the years to come. According to my financial advisor it will be in the year 2015 that a decision381 will need to be made if the ministry will  continue. Thus, funds in the ministries name at a nearby bank needs to have far greater an amount than what is presently accounted for.

It is now time for the very elect of God to get up off their knees  and put their faith to good use.  So here is how you can assist the ministry:

  • Every month there is the cost of keeping an internet provider: That my friend comes down to $82+ per month or $984 for the entire year.
  • Every 2-3 months there is the cost of keeping ink in the printer. That comes to $30 each and every time. Or $120 for the entire year.
  • Coming up soon is the renewal for the domain name” That comes to the cost of about $15 +/- for the entire year.
  • In 2014 or 2015 there will be a need to upgrade not only the printer but also the laptop that is used. And if you look at the prices these days you know I am talking about nearly $1000 for both units.
  • At present there is a need to obtain a reliable tablet for use when preaching in assisted living homes  and so forth.
  • Next comes obtaining tracts for various outreaches in 2014/15 The tracts needed come from www.chick.com and are proven very reliable. The need of over 1100 per year is the goal set. One such outreach transpires in the month of August called the Woodward Dream Cruise where the outreach team passes out at least 900-1000 tracts to the masses. Cost for the tracts comes to roughly $140 per 1000 tracts.

Now, you have seen a little of what the ministry needs to get through each and every year. And those costs mentioned does not include the fifty million dollars needed to cover the cost of building a campus as mentioned in the vision page of the website.

Ever since 1982 yours truly has put his own money  into the ministry to keep it going. My financial advisor has told me simply do not do it again. And thus the deadline of July 30 2015 to prove that the ministry can support itself from the sponsors and love gifts it receives.

Now I have a question for you.  Would you be willing to be a sponsor in 2014 and maybe even beyond? If you would be ever so kind as to become a sponsor you can choose to send in  your check or money order every month or a one time love gift, which ever puts you at peace with the Lord. If you desire to send in your certified check or money order  in US dollars today to the following;

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc

David Liebler, President

202 Marge Street

Waterford, Michigan 48328 USA

*** PLEASE note that Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc has not obtained tax exempt status. Therefore any and all gifts can only be considered a gift just as if it were a birthday or Christmas gift.


Breakdown of Expenses

  • ISP $82/mo or $984/yr
  • Printer Supplies $120/yr
  • Domain name $15.yr
  • Outreach tracts $140/yr/1000
  • New Laptop Varies
  • New Printer price varies
  • Tablet $199 and up each.