Three Things To Remember….



as each day passes by so our shopping days until Christmas grow shorter and shorter. So I would like to take this time  and remind you of several things.

  • As each day passes the lines at various stores get longer and everyone’s nerves are on edge. The solution to this problem and to keep from wasting precious gas is to shop online. One such place you can shop is at Thunder Mall. With Thunder Mall you can shop in the comfort of your favorite chair right at home. Each store at Thunder Mall is an affiliate right from itself. So you would be shopping with confidence.
  • As 2012 draws to a close this writer needs to remind you that Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc  needs sponsors for next year. I do believe that this was mentioned in a blog entry titled WANTED. In said entry I do believe that things were mentioned as so you could choose which aspect of the ministry you may want to support.
  • Lastly I would like to mention to you the following: yours truly has not family whatsoever. Thus Christmas gets to truly be a drag all by itself. Yet there is a way that you could make this writers Christmas a little brighter by taking advantage of my Wish List.

May the Lord bless and keep you in everything you say and do.




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