A Personal Review of: LISTIA

First you might be wondering just what LISTIA is and I shall give a brief description and a review of this fairly new website. This review will be fair and right down the middle. Mind you this is my experience over the last month your actions might vary to some degree or another.

Listia is an auction house similar to that of Ebay  with one twist to make it interesting. Instead of using actual money you use credits to not only sell your items but also to obtain items  from other members. The only real time money is used would be to pay for shipping, handling and track codes.

Just like any auction website you need to beware of those pulling some sort of scam. Though from what I experienced they seem far and few between. Yet it does take a keen sense of knowing what is a good and bad deal.

Once in a great while you may encounter a person or two who may consider a question as a threat. While is is far and few between caution is truly needs to transpire. Sadly, such people exist even in our various malls today where you have people who have little to no people skills.

One thing I like over many auction websites is as follows: If you do win an item and the seller fails to mail out the item Listia will refund your credits. Furthermore Listia does have policies in place for both the buyer as well as the seller.

What can you get on Listia?  Just about anything and everything that you might find at a Kmart. Meijer or any other big box stores. If you collect coins Listia has that. Need a cell phone? They just may have that as well.

Now you are perhaps wondering what kind of grade I would give this website named Listia right? Well, taking into account that everything on this planet  always has room for improvement I would give this site a good B+ to an A-     I am sure that Listia is still working out some bugs. But what website is not doing that themselves?

How do you get credits on this site? Listia has several ways for doing so. You can sell items yourself, invite your friends and family members . Or any other number of ways that I just do not plan on revealing their secrets.

  • Is Listia worth a bookmark on your computer or tablet? Of course it does!
  • Would I recommend the site to others? By all means and I do so every time I am on the site.
  • Want to see what the website looks like? Well that is something you are going to have to checkout for yourself. Simply click on the word LISTIA and you will be taken to the website.

So why did I do this review? Here is the thing: this blog gets close to one hundred hits per day; Thus, every one of those visitors has the right to know the facts about a little known website that is growing as every day goes by. Hope to see you there on