Website & Ministry Update

The following is simply a summery what is going on with both the websites and the ministry. This may be boring but for those of you who are prayer warriors this could assist you in your prayer life if you are truly praying for Thunderdome Ministries Network and yours truly.

  1. Recently it was learned that people were visiting my bio website but not proceeding any further than the front page. Needless to say this was a little disappointing and some form of action needed to transpire. What took place is rather simple} the bio page was inserted into the ministry website right along with Thunder Mall. Since I am the Founder & President of the ministry it only made sense to merge the bio with the ministry website. Since any affiliate funds that might be gained from Thunder Mall it only made sense as well to move the Mall in with the ministry website. Since the mergers took place my personal website was completely deleted; now I only have to keep one website up to date instead of two.
  2. With the merger of the websites  pages at Thunderdome Ministries website needed to be updated and or a page added. The page that was updated is The Vision which tells what the goals are for the ministry. On the page there is a section  giving information on how people like you can assist the ministry with funding. The page that was added is simply titled Speaking Engagements which tells how your church could have Littlethunder share the Word of the Lord at your church for the summer months of 2013 and 2014
  3. One thing iI truly need to make clear: Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc needs the financial assistance of God’s people as well as prayers. If every person who reads and or visits the website and or this blog would give $5-$10 per month it could be enough to cause the “Rob Peter to pay Paul” to cease all together. Monthly costs at this point in time comes close to $100 per month.


ATTENTION….. new website rising out of the ashes.

At this point in time I can not tell you the websites title or its main theme. However I can give you a couple hints what the website will entail.


  1. The initials of the proposed website are  S.P.F.
  2. What it entails goes along with the following:   



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