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If you have a regular cellphone then you may skip this entry and move onward. However, those with smartphones just may want to hold their horses and continue forward.

It was in the year 2000 that I chose to move into the realm of being a cellphone user. Ameritech/AT&T was getting very expensive to maintain a landland so something had to be done. Thus I got my first cellphone from what was then Cingular; talk about problems with dropped calls and such I had enough after six months and moved onward to T-Mobile. Since moving to T-Mobile I really have had no problems to speak of that would keep a reader from changing his or her service over to T-Mobile.

With that said allow me to talk a little about smartphones    animated-gifs-cell-phones-18

For those who are not yet up to speed as to what a smartphone is allow me to define it in real simply for you.  They are for all since or arguments nothing more than a handheld computer. You can surf the internet, get connected with your favorite social media site, read email. That my dear reader is the very basic definition of the smartphone.

What they fail to inform you of at the place of purchase is that to maintain a cellphone you need what is known as  “a data plan..” This enables your phone to accept bits and pieces of information from various websites such as cookies and so forth. Without that data you pretty much have a regular cellphone that does nothing more that receive phone calls and perhaps even text messages.

With a smartphone one thing you will find you will need and want will be what is known as “apps” which are smaller versions of full blown applications that you may have on your home computer or laptop. Question you may have in mind is one I had months ago, can an app  for a smartphone be used on a laptop in order to save space?  The answer is not really unless you have a special download that would convert the app for you. In other words it would be like taking a six inch pipe and putting it into a three inch hole; it can be done but with modifications.

Question: Are all apps the same?
My Beef #1

The answer is a sounding no they are not and here is why. While an app may work on an IPhone it will not work on an Android or Windows phone. Same case in point for Android apps and for Windows phones.

I had bought a G1 smartphone back in  the summer of 2009 and fell love with owning one. So much so I nearly gave up on owning a laptop. I learned how to use apps, find websites that offered apps.  Soon when I was away from home it was my mainstay with the World Wide Web.  Towards the end of its life it grew tired and was showing signs of death. Thus it was time for a newer phone. At the  time I did not realize that apps from my G1 were not compatible with my new phone which worked only using Windows. Furthermore, there was also a matter of learning how to use a “Windows phone” with all its tiles, apps, and its software. After a while a person gets the hang of things and has fun with ones smartphone.

Beef #1        animated-gifs-cell-phones-01

The first beef I have with apps is as follows: they are not compatible with other types of smartphones. Thus, what ever app you have on an IPhone or Android phone will not work on a “Windows phone/” and vise-versa. Thus an owner of a smartphone needs to show some patience when in all reality your starting all over again. The end result  just maybe a smarter user when and it it came time to start a new job.

Which phone is right for you? animated-gifs-cell-phones-07
My Beet #2

While all apps are not created equal so are the smartphones. Each smartphone has its own style and feel in many ways.

  • So my first tip on this aspect is as follows: do not buy a smart phone just because of all its bells, whistles and name plate.
  • Do not buy a smartphone  just because  your friend and or neighbor has one with some fancy nameplate. In other words be yourself. Get what feels right for you.
  • If you are not a quick learner then don’t move over to a  move over to a different type of platform. Stay with the platform you presently use. Example: if you are presently using an Android then don’t move over to a Windows Phone; it took me about 1-2 weeks to get the hang of a new platform.
Stay within Budget     k9078917
Beef #3

Yes having the smartphone your friend and neighbor have would be, cool it is not smart either.

  • Buy a smartphone that you can afford! Not what is hip, cool or what your neighbors and friends have.
  • Do not buy on nameplate alone/ Just because Brand X Y or Z look nice get one you like.
  • How a cellphone feels in your hand is everything. Example:  back in 2009 I held the G1 Phone in my hands along with other smartphones at the time. While the others looked all nice and pretty the G1 got me hook-line and sinker
Beef #4  animated-gifs-cell-phones-03

Creators of smartphone apps need to keep in mind that a large portion of the app market speak and  read only English. Thus app creators need to include an English translation to an app along with his or her language of preference.  For example:  why in the world would I down load an app that is written in Japanese, Spanish or Korean when I can not read or speak the language. When you create an app remember your audience will be and put it in that language; more so if you are putting a price tag on the app.

Safety Tips 
  1. Do not text and drive at the same time cars-015-animated-images
  2. If you do not have a Bluetooth or answering devise do not answer the phone while driving

What you do behind the wheel matters: In many states it is illegal to test and drive. Doing so and causing an accident could very well put you behind bars

In closing

Remember that a cellphone, whether or not is a smartphone still gets you connected to your friends and loved ones. It is a form of communication   that can be your best of friends or your worse enemy. Treat your cellphone with care and you will  have a great deal of fun  for many years to come.



Name of companies mentioned  in this entry were not an endorsement for their product.

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A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone.[1][2][3] The first smartphones combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) with a mobile phone. Later models added the functionality of portable media players, low-end compact digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and GPS navigation units to form one multi-use device. Many modern smartphones also include high-resolution touchscreens and web browsers that display standard web pages as well as mobile-optimized sites. High-speed data access is provided by Wi-Fi and Mobile Broadband. In recent years, the rapid development of Mobile App markets and of Mobile Commerce have been drivers of smartphone adoption.