Okay here we all are on this big blue planet called Earth and yours truly has some cool news. I am not going to tell you about the ministry website or the ministry. I will deal with that on a later date and time. for now I want to share with you some great news.

The news is as follows: my personal website has been totally revamped and even renamed. The new name for my personal website is Littlethunders Place and it has some pretty cool stuff on it. First let me inform you that the website is far more interactive than before starting right with what is called is the landing page.

  1. On the landing page just about everything in regards to graphics is clickable. In other words if you see a graphic then you need to click it on to see where it takes you.
  2. Thunder Mall has returned with what I think is a fresher and more eye appealing appearance. There are various stores  for your shopping pleasure. All stores are linked up with Amazon so you know already the rest of the story. Further down the page is a section titled Join Me in which you can join me in any number of sites that can assist you in making a few dollars or where you can earn rewards. Such sites where you could join me is Traffic G or even CLickSense. Everything on this page I personally use and have come to trust
  3. Next you will find a page titled Smart Phone Forum. If you are the owner of a smart phone you can share tips, suggestions and even pictures you have taken with your smart phone. At the time of this writing there are three categories you could fall under: IPhone, Android or Windows phone.  In order to be part of the forum you will need to become a member. However membership is free so feel free to join if you are a smart phone owner
  4. Bio Page my bio page is mostly a about the time I have spent surfing the World Wide Web and how I came about to creating websites. It is rather lengthy but it covers a great deal of time. I frankly think you will be surprised.

Over the last few weeks I have tried several things to see if they would work on the site.Such as having a photo gallery and a page where visitors could obtain free backgrounds for their websites. Regretfully both these ideas had to be scrapped due to bandwidth and so forth.

However I am pleased to announce that I have two places where you could look through the photo’s I have taken over the last few years. Location number one is located in FLicker  and the  other is located in Wix.com 

In closing today I want to thank every visitor for stopping by and spending a little time with me. Of course I would hope you will tell others of this blog site as well as the website as the days pass by.

Footnote: When you visit the website  please remember to sign the guestbook


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