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Please excuse my absence in penning any entries. In January I took to creating, working with all of the websites that I own. I even tried some new tricks and found I enjoyed the treat of what took place. It has been a very long time since I just sat back and got a little creative along with mixing it in with some education.

For those who are reading this and just starting out  with creating websites allow me to explain:  Just like in the real work the internet changes as well. What might be the style and way to go one month may not hold true in the following months. Thus, if you are going to have a website one needs to stay fresh to the point where you are willing to take a chance or two.  Several years ago having a website  using flash was very popular. Just about everyone who I knew had a website with it. As for myself, I held back  and just kept the website as simple as possible. As it turned out  the era of flash websites died out and it was back to basics. The reason why it died is this: it takes longer for a website to load using flash than simply a html code. Those seconds that a visitor has to wait are critical. If a website can not load up within 30 seconds or less everything is a pure waste of a visitors time and your prospects will move onward.

So here is a list of websites that got created or recreated since I last penned an entry. IF you visit any of them and you like the idea or layout just pen me a note in the guestbook that could very well be included. 


  1. If you are attempting to learn html code allow me to share this piece of advice:  be willing to practice writing codes out on both your computer and on paper. By doing this the codes will tend to become memorized thus creating a second nature of sorts.
  2. Remember, when you create a website  keep this in mind: you are in truth creating it for yourself for the world to see. If you do not like it  your visitors very well will not either. Do yourself proud!

Have a good day everyone and I hope to see some kind remarks in those guestbook.



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