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When you create a website you may very well have a dozen or so ideas running through your brain.  Thus you will spend hours upon hours attempting your idea, Once your concept is finished. you publish it for all the world to see.  In the days to come and roll out the door you realize that visitors are failing to visit other pages on the website. Now you must make those changes you had hoped you would not need to do; after all if you fail to make changes then all your planning  and effort are out the door.Your end result is this; your idea of having two pages now come down to just one, and with perhaps the results you so desire.

How do you find out if something is working on your website? By using a counter that produces much needed data so you can make an informed decision.  For over ten years I have been using because if give me all the data I need.

Case in point is the website titled Click Cents I had divided up the pages so pages would not look crowed and confusing.. Results were that people were visiting the lead page they were not moving on to the next page. End result was having to trim down the lead page and squeeze onto the page much needed data.

All and all I would need to say this to those who create websites:

  • Do not be afraid to try Give the idea a 1-3 month trial period before you make changes.
  • If you make a mistake admit your error and then repair the damage.
  • If you are working with tables do not create the table inside the website itself. Instead your website in a html editor such as Microsoft  Front Page or any other editor you are comfortable with. Creating a table within the website itself can produce  nasty results and then you may have to start from the very beginning.
  • If you are tired or sleepy walk away from your work and get some sleep. Creating a website when sleepy or tired can give you a false sense of security. Thus, you are prone to creating errors

Thank you for stopping by today. I trust that you have learned a little something out of the rambling. And of course I expect you to visit Click Cents and all of this carious pages. And now for a few free graphics for your website:






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