Blog Re-Designed

Greetings dear reader! It is good to see that you are here  checking out what is taking place. So lets get started shall we?

As you can clearly see this blog has taken on a new, fresh and clean appearance. Furthermore some things were removed of which I will explain shortly. Allow me to say that finding and creating a design I would like is a challenge since I am use to using html coding  to do many things. Using a template is a challenge and one I am glad I have the experience with.

In short at least three items were removed from the sidebar. One of those items was readers comments and here is why. When I recently went through all the comments I was shocked to find not only spam but also flames. Going through the first 300 was more than I wanted to see and visitors to this and any other blog should not have to endure such down right meanness. Thus,. and you can thank those who wrote the flams and spam, visitor comments will no longer be displayed.

As for the picture beneath the header I hope you like it. It is one background that comes out of my website collection. If you are going to design your own websites and or blogs  you should have numerous folders with various pictures to choose from.

I trust that you enjoy the new look and will return often for new articles.

Yours in Christ Jesus

David  Liebler

AKA  “God’s Little Evangelist”

1 John 3:18“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

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