Unread Headlines

  1. Pentagon Bans Bibles from Military Exchange Stores. Guess who’s to blame?
  2. Gideons Kicked off of Military Bases-Fiction!
  3. It’s an Obama World… Gay Flag Flies at Afghan Base But the Christian Cross Is Banned

Beware of those in sheep’s clothing who are raging wolves

    The wolf has gotten into the borders of these United States, Little by little parts of our government are being torn apart. Furthermore our rights to Religious freedom are being taken over by that very wolf . In some cases the wolf has been allowed to enter into our Christian churches with what we now know as a Social Gospel.

    Are the end times here? Yes and what is sad is this: many, who call themselves Christians are giving into the Beast aka the wolf.

    What is sad is this…. many who profess to be Christians have allowed the beast not only inot the very House of God but into their homes and workplace.

    Be careful what you desire as you may et it thinking that the gift is from above when it is infarct from the enemy below.