God’s Little Evangelist: Available

1logoAs Founder & CEO of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc I am always seeking an opportunity to share Gods Word at your church. Thus, if your church is in the United States I would be delighted to speak during the Summer months of 2013 & 2014.

Therefore, please have your Pastor contact Lawrence Sefa at airforce1111@aol.com  or call Lawrence at +15136166733  to set up a date, time and so forth.

Please note that yours truly dislikes flying and prefers to travel by Amtrack or automobile.

Here is a small list of subjects that God has on my heart recently

Of course you never know what God may have planned for the elect of Christ as I often share the Word of the Lord as He so leads. Never putting God in a box and sharing from the hip.

As God’s Little Evangelist I am looking forward to meeting others in the household of faith. Hope to see you very soon.

Yours in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ

David “Littlethunder” Liebler