Helping Thunderdome Ministries

Over the last year many of you readers have made mention that you wanted to assist the ministry. Furthermore you wished there was a button to click on that would direct you to a website similar to PayPal. Last week I email PayPal seeking directions onaniart071 what it would take  for you to send in donations. Their answer was long and they wanted so much paperwork to confirm the ministries status and so forth. Then on top of all that they suggested that I created a second account strictly for Thunderdome Ministries.

What PayPal wanted was all nice and such but it made no sense to do is when Thunderdome Ministries Network already has an account at a local bank named Chase. Furthermore what little  funds that are in the account at present are from my own pocket, which is a fara cry from the funds needed for Operation Second Chance.

If you would like to get an idea what the campus and chapel might look like I would advise you to go to  where you will be able to see a wide variety of structures  that are being highly considered.

Just like the business in your town ministries need funding to say alive and well. In fact the printer I use, a C4780 HP Photosmart is in dire need of ink. Let alone paper, blank business cards and so forth.

Thus, and I trust you still would like to assist the ministry feel free to send your certified checks, money orders or bank drafts, to the following and they will be placed in the Chase bank account for Thunderdome Ministries.

Make your checks out to:   Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

Mail your checks to: David Liebler, President, 202 Marge Waterford, Mi 48328


While Thunderdome Ministries does have its incorporation papers with the IRS it is  not yet a tax exempt ministry. THus all love gifts/donations can not be  considered tax exempt