What Can You Do?

Being legally disabled I guess give me a special eye for things around me. Thus, I see the needs of those like me and have a way to share those needs by use of the internet blogs.

For example: did you know that those who are legally disabled are not classified as on “welfare?” Those who are disabled very well, just like myself, not allowed to work due to possible threats of injury and so forth.

Being disabled also means having a very limited income to do the things s/he may want to do. For example: because money is often so tight one may not be able certain events such as movies or concerts. Or it could mean that one can not have a good music/ movie collection. So while you may be able to listen to the latest music cd one who is disabled has to listen to something much older.

Here is how you can help those who are disabled in your community or at your place of worship:

Offer to take someone with you to a concert or event even if you have to pay for his or her ticket.
Offer your friendship in a non-biding manner. In other words offer to be someone friend for the pure sake of helping someone else instead of only trying to get something out of it for yourself.
Do you have music cd’s or movie dvds you no loner watch or listen to? How about freely giving them to someone who is less off than yourself. For example; I collect movie dvds and my collection is in the 108 range at last count. I for one would enjoy adding more dvd’s to my collection. Or I love Christian music by the Newsboys, Seven Day Jesus, and Michael W. Smith but I just do not have the funding to buy the latest music cd.
Or how about this for something to do: offer to drive someone to their doctors or dentist appointment at no cost to them.
Are you going to a MLB or NBA game? Or even to a concert or to a museum? Off to take them with you even if you have to pay for their ticket or entrance fee. Don’t buy the ticket and then ask for them to re-reimburse you!
I hope that this blog entry has inspired you to assist and befriend someone who is less off than yourself. Furthermore I hope that if you choose to assist someone else that you will not just make it a one time ordeal but that you will be there for them in the time of need.

After all I do believe that even Jesus Himself would classify someone who is disabled as”the least of theses.”