You Can Help At Last.

This is regards to Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc in which many of you readers have wanted to assist with love gifts.

In the past it was learned that Paypal wanted  me to setup a second account with the ministries name. The catch was that I would to have proved that the ministry was tax exempt which it is not. Yet I knew there was a way for you, the reader to help the ministry.

AS of right now you can donate funds directly to yours truly via Paypal.   In turn I will transfer said amount to the ministries account in the ministries Chase Bank account.

PLEASE NOTE:  Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc. does not have tax exempt status and can not be claimed as a tax deduction. Thus it would be as if you were giving a birthday or Christmas gift.

You can give any amount you so desire. IF you desire to give simply click on the Paypal link mentioned above.

Amounts over $500 and over will allow your name  and or business to be mentioned on the website if you so desire.  If a business is desired  to be mentioned you can  post a 125×125 sized banner as well. Please be sure you give the name of your business along with the business website address. SORRY, NO illegal or porn websites will be allowed

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc & how you can help