Website Tip for May 2013

If you are a follower of this blog I sure am sorry for not writing more. However, it is rather hard to come up with a new topic ever time. This entry may be a little short but I desire to get right to the point so you can return to your life.

When we create a website we desire to tell some sort of story or even to advertise a product that may be on hand. One thing a Webmaster needs to know is that of the use of the HTML coding without it you would not have a website.

  •  Keep It simple: Over the years many Webmasters have tried to create website using Flash. However, over a period of several months they found out that it takes a website longer to arrive using Flash than using straight html codes. If a visitor has to wait over 15 seconds he has waited far to long and  you lose a visitor and many more behind him. So keep your website simple and to the point.

  • Music & Videos   I think it is rather cool to have videos and music on a website. However,  many visitors do not like it  when they get to a website and the music or video is blasting away within the first few seconds. If you want to install a video or music let there be an option to the visitor if they want to hear or see the material. As for myself I very well could be watching a program on TV or listening to the radio in the privacy of my own place and whatever music or video your playing very well could mess up ones frame of thinking.

  • Advertisements & Affiliates… It is bad enough that a person has to endure advertisements on the television but on the World Wide Web it can be way to much. Instead of plastering your website with ten or fifteen banners  cut it down to something between one and five. If you have a multi-paged website you could insert a few on each page to spread them out.

  • Your first Website: IF you want to build your first website I suggest the following:  visit other websites and see what the latest trends are taking place. What is trendy today may not be trendy today may not be tomorrow or in the next few months. Get a feel for what is out there on the World Wide Web. Also you may want to start collecting  pictures and backgrounds as you never know what you may want to put into your website even months down the road.

I hope this brief entry finds you well and that you will return often. Have a good day and please tell your friends about this blog.

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