Time to: Share The Love

For nearly a year and a half yours truly has shared with you openly and freely. I hope you have enjoyed these entries as much as I did sharing them with  you. It takes a great deal to produce a blog entry and sometimes it sometimes just does not seem to come out the way that it is intended.

Did you know that several comments that was received suggested that I charge people for the advice that comes forward. Then to, how does one charge for something that was once freely given and freely received over the course of some twenty years.(Yes I really have been on the World Wide Web that long,)

Now lets get to the point  for this blog so you can get back to whatever you were doing.

Share The LRed heart ve

In late July I will be celebrating my 60th birthday. Thus, I think this would be a good time as any for you to share the lRed heartve as a way of saying thank you for the information you so freely obtained.

There is two(2) ways you can share the love

  1. by using my Wish List at Amazon

  2. Sending a love gift directly to my PayPal account


Thank you in advance for any and all love gifts that you send.