Website Tips: June 2013

Last month yours truly shared with you the do’s and don’ts of creating a good website. It is my hopes that you not only read that blog but have applied some, if not all, those suggestions to your website.

This time around I am going to do you a big favor. I am going to share with you some important websites that will help you build first website.   Now  just so you realize this: about 99.999% of webmasters will not do what I am about to attempt. There was one Webmaster who had a website that offered all kinds of helps and even graphics. His name was Drake and you could get just about any graphic, html code or java code you needed. Regretfully, a big name in the media though he was violating copyright codes and he was forced to shutter the doors.

What I am about to share with you is links to websites that will assist you in getting started in creating your first website. Why do you need this?  Using graphics helps your get the point across. It is known as “eye candy.” If it were not for eye candy much of what you see on TV would just be one big boring thirty second advertisement on your television set.

Before you go through the following  allow me to make mention of the following: If you are going to create a website you will need to know two important things; #1 you will need to know html coding #2 you will need to know how to cut and paste not only graphics but also website addresses.

I hope you take advantage of the following websites and will bookmark them on your computer for later reference. Have a great time.




Reference Points & Traffic Exchanges