In my last writing I made mention that yours truly is celebrating his 60th birthday and have gave you some ideas of what you can do to make that day a little brighter. If you have started  the process of sending something  please do not let me hold you back.  Furthermore I thank you in advance for making my 60th birthday a little more joyous on July 27th.

This entry is not about my birthday but a little insight of how I spend my day being disabled. Furthermore it will be also a challenge on how you can help.

In the beginning of my day I spend it with the Lord listening to HIS Word and having a time of praise and worship. THis aspect of my day has been taking place for several years even before the declared me as disabled.

After words I spend time surfing the World Wide Web and working on my websites in some form or fashion or another. It takes a great deal of work to maintain a #1 rated website.

Between 10-11am my time on the World Wide Web comes to a close and I move on into watching DVD movies from either the collection I presently have or by watching something via Netflix. 

Dispite having about one hundred and ten  DVDs and access to Netflix  yours truly would indeed like to see the DVD collection to grow into the three hundred  realm.  This is where you can come into the picture;

I know from experience that  thinning out ones DVD collection is often important. Thus I am giving you the chance to send those unwanted DVDs to yours truly. If you would like to send those unwanted DVDs to this writer  an address will be furnished below for your mailing pleasure.  Mind you I can not buy those unwanted DVD’s from you as such funds do not exist. 

What type of movies do I enjoy you ask. World War II, Family movies, baseball and Disney movies.

I already have complete set of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Ring, The Mummy, The Sandlot and of course Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here is also my Wish List @ Amazon

So here is the challenge…

help  increase my DVD collection to 300 or better before December 31st 2013

You can send your playable DVD’s to the following address

David Liebler

202 Marge

Waterford, MI 48328 USA

Please make sure that ALL DVD’s are in the region of the United States as movies from other countries will not play on my DVD player.

Are you up to the challenge?

Sorry do not send any pornographic movies

Thank you in advance for taking on this challenge and for the DVD’s you send,