Capture A Place In TIme

For over a year I have penned some sort of entry or another that I thought you may enjoy. I have given you website tips  time and time again and I trust that you have been using those tips and tricks to build your own website.

Todays entry has nothing to do with tricks or tips on how to build a website.  Today, I desire to share with you, my followers what one can do with a simple “point and shoot” camera. Thus, and for your surfing  enjoyment I present to you two(2) locations where you can see my works of photography.

  1. Littlethunders Gallery @  contains two galleries for your viewing pleasure
  2. Littlethunders Photostream  @

I hope you enjoy the pictures that you see.  It takes hours upon hours to et what your looking for. But one needs to remember this very important key:

Photography is about the only art form that captures a point in time and holds it forever.


For other websites yuo also can visit the following

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