Lessons Learned and Passed On

FIrst allow me to thank all those who follow this writers rantings! I never expected that what I said would go so far.

Today I want to share with you a lesson that has been learned and put to well use. I hope by you reading this that you too will take certain precautions in saving the material on your system.

Having been on the World Wide Web ten years plus gives a person some experience that is used from time to time. In this case it was when I moved all the graphics I use for my websites to  several flash drives. In all it took close to 10 gigs worth of flash drives.  In order to keep from losing those flash drives I put them in a safe deposit box in the bank for safe keeping.  Little did I know how important this step would become.

Over the weekend of  July 12-14 my laptop had a problem, it just refused to finish start-up. At this point I was thankful for some of Microsoft’s built-in various aspects and i proceeded to move forward with such fixes. However, after a good hour it was fruitless and the only thing I could do was a full system restore. Was I able to gain access to all my files and graphics before hand? The answer was a big no, it was impossible to go any further as the system world not fully start-up.

For 27 straight hours I spent bringing my Asus 660VX laptop  back to health. This also meant that there was 161 Microsoft updates that needed to be taken care of before I could tackle the remainder of the restoration; we are talking about years worth of bookmarks and Firefox & Internet Explorers add ons. When 5pm Sunday rolled around I had finished the task except for getting the flash drives from the safe deposit box that lay in the bank vault.

Now, and I hope you are still reading this are the pros and cons about doing a restoration:

CONS:   #1 all the time you are without  a system wether it be a laptop or desktop you will be without a line to the World WIde Web.    #2.  You will lose all your data that you saved and worked on. #3 you may lose sleep when you undergo such a restoration.

PROS:  #1 If you are like me and like to try new and different software doing a restoration is a good way of ridding your system of unwanted, or needed, software. #2 by doing a restoration you free up much-needed  disk space, Thus giving you a clean slate to work with until your next system failure.


It is important that you save as much data on either an external hard drive or even on flash drives. If you choose the latter make sure you put those flash drives in a safe place. You can save your flash drives either in you’re in home safe or at your local banks safe deposit box.

Footnote to readers:

In this entry I made sure to give links back to various parts of the WOrld Wide Web that I do believe you may want or need later on. Just remember to save everything you may need back, including bookmarks and passwords.

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Have areat day and play it safe!


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