Todays The Day

Frankly it is not very often that I update or add new material to my personal website. But today I thought it would be a good idea to add a little depth to my website. Mind you I am not talking about the ministry website even though this week id did get a fresh look.

Instead I am referring to my personal website at   Would you like to know what was added? Okay I think I will mention one or two items. They are as follows:

Since  the above mentioned are new I would hope that you, the reader, would pay my personal website a visit even today. And of course while your there why not go ahead and sign the guestbook.

I almost forgot  to make mention of this: My website use to be titled Littlethunder Place until I did an online search and found out that  there is a website with such title already but its contents were less than desirable. Thus the name change and even a domain name to help it a bit more,

Thank you for stopping by today to get caught up on the latest from this end. You have a good day and play it safe,