Name This Blog

Okay okay this blog has been up and running a little over a year and it is all thanks to you.

However, i have never really settled in on a proper title for this blog. Therefore, I think I shall leave this up to you.

Between now and December 25, 2013 I want you to suggest a name for this blog. All you need to do is send me an email  with your suggestion for a proper name for this blog..

The name that sounds the best will be used all of 2014 and maybe even beyond .

Send your suggestions to in the subject line put the following: BLOG SUGGESTION

In case of duplicate suggestions the one with the earliest submission date will hold true. IF there are a great deal of suggestions I will create a survey/poll so you can vote on the name.

I figured that since today is my 60th birthday I could do something special that would get you involved with this blog.

Littlethunders Amazon Wish List

Have  great day and I hope to hear from you soon.


PLEASE do not forget that Thunderdome Ministries is looking forward to receiving sponsors to help cover some costs. And at this point it has one need that should be filled soon and that is for multi tasked printer where printing on both sides would be a breeze, YOu still can send funds to my Pay Pal Account if you so desire.