What It Is Like

What you are about to read refers only to yours truly. What others with disabilities go through may or may not be different. Thus, this is my story. If you have reservations about people with disabilities or those who have to live using Food Stamps then i suggest you move onward to another entry.

For ages I enjoyed working. It was fun and often times rewarding. I started out working as a dishwasher way back in 1968 and moved up over the years as a head cook. At one point I was head cook working in two restaurants; one was on the graveyard ship the other during the day. After twenty-five years of cooking I had enough and chose to move onward in my career. In time I worked at a newspaper as both a Customer Service Rep as well as a Dispatcher.

After I took a change in jobs my health took a turn that I never wanted; I lost my eyesight, I learned I had arthritis and to top it off even COPD. For the most part I was a mess and even the sports and things I enjoyed slowly began to slip out of my fingers. Thus, no more bowling, no more bicycle riding, no hiking, no more reading for long periods of time and yes no more working out at the gym.

I went from working to put food on the table seven days a week to having to rely on Food Stamps. The doctors I seen told me I could never work again and I was to take it easy the best i knew how. I had to learn how to go from three meals a day to only one as they cut my Food Stamp allowance down more and more. Sometimes there is not enough food in the house to last the entire month so I have to cut my meals down even further.

Yet, I have hope for a better tomorrow as I live my life for the very same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It pleases me to praying-hands_thumb.jpginform you that during these days it is a real joy to go into nursing homes or into prisons and give even the “least of these” the hope they richly need. You may say well it don’t look like God has done much for you.” But I can point to a scripture in the book of Acts where it talks about “many infallible proofs.” Acts 1:3  And I can tell you without any doubt that through it all I have seen God’s hand at work even in the darkest of times. When there was no food or money, God came through in the nick of time. When I nearly lost my life in a car accident it was God who seen me through and rescued me.

What is it like for me to be disabled and not able to ever work again? For the life of me I would love to o back to work! But God who is rich in mercy had a different plan and I love working for the Master.  Is it rough living on Food Stamps? Indeed it is! The days of steak and lobster per se are in the past and so I learned to enjoy a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I love telling people about the Lord Jesus because I tell them what HE has done for me and what HE can do for them. So in brief you know a little about yours truly. It is perhaps not a pretty story. But what took place on that cross some two thousand years was far worse. And HE did it all for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry as it was most difficult for yours truly to put pen to paper.

Yours in the faith and knowledge of Jesus

Littlethunder aka David Liebler

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