Almost Here(aka end of the year website tip)

Okay, here you and me are here stuck on this place called Earth. Proceeding further we are finding our-self drawing closer and closer to the last few major holidays left in this year. So what does one do if s/he has a website? So in this writing I will attempt to show you what could be done to your website, whether it be a personal or business site. Certain things ought to be done.

September 2013 } search for royalty free holiday graphics. This can be done starting with the search engine Bing. As you search for graphics save what you like onto your computer. While doing so create various folders for what the graphic will be used for such as banners, backgrounds and so forth.

October 2013 } create a practice website in your html editor. Create different looks, textures that make you feel right. If you find your going to use tables then practice with various looks and layouts. If you do not have an html editor you should be able to find one or two at

Early November 2013 } by now you should have two maybe three designs for your holiday website. Now you get to choose which one you will start the holidays with. Keep this in mind your website needs to come up within 5-10 seconds, this is critical. Any loner than 10 seconds you could find your visitors moving onward. If you live in the USA then you should have a website that celebrates Thanksgiving for the month of November and in December one that has a Christmas look and feel.

Early December 2013 } your Christmas themed site should be up by really no later than the 15th of the month and running until December 26th. Then and only then you have the option of doing a New Years themed website.

Early January 2014 } If you created a New Years themed website then you could leave it up and running until January 3rd  or the fifth at the latest. After the holidays you can return your website back to its original look and feel if you so choose or you may want to recreate the website with a new look and feel for  the first 3-6 months of the new year.

Some graphics to help you get started with your search

Christmas graphics etc etc/

I hope that this entry will serve you well in the months ahead. Have a great day!