Will You Help?

This is a short entry to update you, the reader, about the happenings of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

The following was posted this morning at Facebook:

Received Mondays mail only to receive information that the domain name for Thunderdome Ministries Network  is due for renewal.

Please note that the ministry is reaching out to over 45 different countries with the good news of Jesus. Furthermore, http://www.thunderdomeministries.net holds first position in several search engines such as Google & Yahoo.  Consider the loss if the domain name were not renewed.

IF you would like to help with the renewal costs please send funding to the following

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc   c/o David Liebler President  202 Marge   Waterford, Michigan USA 48328

Funds should be received BEFORE September 30 2013

Please note that the above mentioned ministry does NOT hold tax exempt status at this time. Thus, all gifts can not be claimed as a tax deduction.