What Does It Matter?

As you drive down the highways and byways of life you pass an endless number of fencepost, houses and business. However, have your ever stopped your car to see with your eyes? I speak not about the physical eyes but the eyes of the heart. Look and see what you miss and have missed in those days gone by. You have missed far to much and for all you know it is lost forever. Yet, believe it or not there is hope for those who will come after we are long gone.

Last year I shared the plight of the Wolverine. I shared a few videos and told you what I know and even what ought to transpire. Did what I shared matter? Did it help the creature of the wild? Only God and God alone knows the answer.  However, and all thanks to the works of Ken Burns you too can have your eyes opened to the plight of the various animals that nature holds so dear. But first let us reason together and understand the following;

In the beginning God created everything long before He created mankind, have you ever wondered why? Take a look around you what do you see. Do you see  three million bison roaming free? How many hawks or falcons do you see soaring through the sky? How many elephants are left for the hands of poachers to remove from the face of the planet?

To some everything just does not seem to matter. Why is this? Their way of life says “What does it matter Jesus is coming soon.” And there is where the problem all beings. What does it matter?  For aes mankind has used that phrase and countless birds, elephants and wolverines have gone either close to extinction or disappeared off the face of this earth forever. Now, and as you sit reading this even the fish of the sea face the same fate and all due to over fishing. What does it matter right?

When God put the creatures on this planet there was a good reason; it was for mankind to care for not to destroy  like some mad man on the loose. One needs to realize this very thing; in nature one creature relies on the next. Case in point; the flower needs the birds and the bees to spread its seeds so it can grow. The Bald Eagle  is needed to keep certain creatures  population in check. The Bison sometimes known as the Buffalo keep the grasses from rowing to high causing chances of wildfires to be greater. Man was put here not just to populate the planet but to care for those things God already made for us. God never intented us to destroy what HE so wonderfully made.

Thanks to people like Ken Burns and his documentations we can see and learn what mankind is doing to its own planet called earth. How about every man, woman and child start bonding together and save whatever we have left. Not for just yourself but for the generations upon generations to come. And maybe whenever Jesus does come back for His people He will indeed say, “well done my faithful servant.”

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