A Change Is Coming

First  allow me to say that the appearance of this blog was slightly overdue for some changes. If you remember in a previous entry I mentioned that whenever you create a website or blog make it so you like the looks.   Since this blog was over due for a change I stayed with a clean-cut look.

There is another reason why this changed and as long as everything rempraying-hands_thumb.jpgains a double thumbs up I will be able to share it with you very soon. The news is rather big so I still need your prayers to its successful end. Now because this big change is about to transpire I just may not have all the time I want to pen a long blog entry as i will be rather busy for a while.

To keep you on your toes  the following is a listing of all the websites and such that I use almost on a daily basis:

Thank you for stopping by today and for your prayers of support.

Can you guess what change is coming down the road?