Christian Music Video: “Your Love Never Fails”

I chose to put this music video in with this entry for one reason: All the time I was virtually homeless I found that God never once let me down. He provided the sources so I would not only have a roof over my head but food in my stomach. Some may say  that it was “just luck” but I tell you the truth this all came down to one thing. Gods love and Word never once failed me.

To me what transpired was what Acts 1:3  pens as  “many infallible proofs.” Never once did I consider going to a homeless shelter as I knew in my heart and from past experience that God always provides a way. Furthermore HE is always there even when I may not even think it.

It is good to be back on-line so I can share a little of what was taking place over the last several weeks.  Right now I am renting a room in a nice house from a friend until I move into my very first home that will have my name on the shingle.

Please take a few moments and watch the following video.

Thank you for your time, prayers and concerns. And now the video from Jesus Culture titled Your Love Never Fail