Look Who is Back

I am truly sorry I have not been around for the last few months. Much of that is highly due to my housing situation. At one point I was forced to either live out of my car or stay with a friend. In either case my only access to the world wide web was through my LG smart phone.

At present I am renting a room from my friend who has a house in Pontiac Michigan. Lord willing and the river does not rise I should be here until at least February or March of next year. Or until I am moved into my very first house of my own.

In previous blogs I made mention of decorating a website to fit the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was unable to do this as having even a smartphone has its limitations. And the ability to use html coding is one of them.

Now at least you, the reader have something to read and there will be more to come. Simply give me time to et use to being back on the world wide web and I shall inform you of perhaps some interesting tales. And those tales are up and coming I can insure you of that.

Thanks a bunch for your understanding  and I will pen more soon