“Warmer Climate.” He said

But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, “ Ephesians 2:4

Several years ago my doctor suggested that I move to a warmer climate due to health issues. At the time I was okay but truly not perfect. The medications seemed to help as long s I remembered to take them. Still I knew God had a goal in mind for my life and I did not heed the doctors.

Sometimes we, as Christians, tend to forget that we are humans made in Gods image. Thus we think. and or even believe, we are super humans sort of like Superman. Never once have I seen Superman sick a day in his life. So whether it is our own ego or the Superman complex we press on towards the high calling of Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons I did not pursue moving south was due to the very reality of the cost of living. For example if your bank account says one thing and the cost of just an apartment is another what do you do? For certain you attempt to not go hungry. Instead you balance the checkbook both in your mind and on paper.  Then if there appears to be enough  you move forward. And so you press on towards the mark of the high calling of Jesus the very best you can; even if there are naysayers.

Do I wish I could move down south were it is warm? of course I do but one has to consider other things in the process. Am I better off now than before because I did not move? In many ways yes, even if it does not appear so to the human eye.

The very God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still directs our lives even if you can not see Him. It takes a normal human to be able to see the many infallible proofs that He is as real today as He was yesterday. You have to simply have to walk by faith and hope that each step you take is the one HE wants you to travel.

I order for you to know HIM you need to be able to listen to HIS voice.

Can you hear what He is saying to you today? After all HE is calling you. And maybe, just maybe He is saying, “move to a warmer climate.”