Webmasters Update

Thank you for stopping by to read the following update on all the websites I have created and their future.

As you may already know I am the webmaster of some four different multipage websites. On each page you may have seen a counter from www.sitemeter.com which provides me with important data on every page. After reading the stats the following will transpire on December first,

The following websites will be discontinued  on December 31 2013 due to last of positive stats  and their usage. This action is because of the lack of traffic even after four month:

Some of what was on the above mentioned websites very well could be moved into my own website prior to the demise of the sites, This would be a good time for you to bookmark the following websites as they are due for some changes.

This action will allow more time to work on  Thunderdome Ministries and my personal website titled Littlethunders Castle