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From the humble beginnings of Thunderdome Ministry there was an honest desire to move forward in helping Christians coming out of prison life to re-adjust to a different form of society.  After many years, prayer and tears I have found that the ones Jesus classified as  “the least of these” just was not receiving proper sponsorship to build a  proper campus. Truth of the matter is this, not one red cent was ever received towards this goal. Was it an over reach? Was it the hardness of the heart that it never bore fruit? I frankly am unsure but after all this time it is time to move onward and pray that someone else with take up the cause.

The New Mission

The new mission is as follows, thus leaving the old one behind.

Due to recent events in my own life it has come to my attention that there are Christians who are or could be going through what I went through. Being virtually homeless while waiting to buy a home.  It is not easy living virtually hand to mouth relying on friends and wondering where your next meal is coming from.

It is not your fault that the process in buying a house is slow. It is after all a matter of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s making sure nothing come back to bite you at a later date. Thus here is the vision. or goal if you please:

Build and or buy a house or two where a single Christian can live up to six months out of a year while in the process of buying a house. As he was under the roof of Thunderdome Ministries he would /could continue working at his place of employment.  He would be required to pay rent and help offset the cost of food provided. He would.. be required to attend daily devotions and attend church. As a Christian home of course there would be no smoking, drinking or doing illegal  drugs on or off property.  Many people want to own a home of their own instead of renting apartments or renting rooms. Thus, this vision, this goal is truly workable. All that is needed are sponsors to help proceed in obtaining the right house to begin the program. There is a side note to this: unlike low income housing where they undergo background checks this program will not consist of such. Thus if a Christian did time behind bars  and has been released then s/he has paid his debt to society and has a clean slate.

If the above  vision sounds right and proper and you would like to help in this project an email will be furnished below where you can obtain the address where you can send forth your sponsorship fund**

Always remember the story of  what transpired in the early church when a husband and wife held back from the Lord. Read Acts 4:34-5:37 they paid a terrible price for their desires. Please do not make the same mistake as they did.

For information on where you can send your sponsorship dollars please contact the following aniart106

May God richly bless you as you bless others in this project of importance.


Yours in the faith and knowledge of Jesus who is the Christ

David Liebler , Founder & CEO of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

Luke 1:46-47, 49“[Mary’s Song] And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for the Mighty One has done great things for me— holy is his name.”

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**Please note that Thunderdome Ministries is not a tax exempt ministry and any or all donations can not be classified as a tax deduction.