Year End Salute } To You!

As anyone who ever took a Creative Writing course in collage can tell you the hardest part about writing is knowing what to say. And frankly writing material for others is truly not an easy task. When I first starting writing entries to my two blog I did not know what to put down on paper. After all look at all the other blogs on the World Wide Web, there are thousands upon thousands and yours truly is only a mere speck amongst them all.

As of today I have learned that this blog has at least 266 followers. That my friend  is far more than my blog at the other location at which actually is the birthplace of my blogging experience. Now I frankly do not think that I will ever win any awards for this blog but still you, the reader and follower already make me feel like a winner and for that I want to say the following:


What is in store for 2014? What will be penned? Well as you all know no one can tell what is in store for us as time marches forward. However, as my English teacher said, “You can only write about the thins you know and or wish upon for yourself.” Thus, I can only share with you exactly like that teacher so said.

Will I make spelling and grammar errors? more than likely yes. Is yours truly a member of the human race prone to error? Of course I am and if I were not I would be only another robot from some Star Wars movie.

So I hope you will return often in the days, weeks and months ahead as the pen again puts down words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs  for your reading enjoyment. Again I thank you for reading this  ones entries in  the year 2012 & 2013!

Oh BTW… this may not be my last entry for the year. Just something that needed to be said.  Open-mouthed