Personal Update

As you may remember yours truly is in the process of buying his first house in southeastern Michigan. While this may be good news there also is bad news as well. Allow me to explain;

For ages I have rented apartments that were ready to move in. Thus all the furniture, utilities and so forth was included. This also meant that yours truly did not have to mow lawns, trim trees or even plant a garden or two.Thus it was hassle free to say the least.

Now it will be different and  frankly if I were to move in tomorrow the place would look far more bare than Mother Hubbard’s cupboards who were really bare. Thus it has lead to a new page at Littlethunders Castle titled Wish List.

On the Wish List page  you will find the following: a brief introduction and then two buttons. One button is neon green which is my personal wish list. The other button is yellow and that leads to the wish list for the house I am buying. If you would be so kind as to click either or both buttons and lend a helping hand it would be truly be of some help.

There is a third option and that is sending funds in the form of a check and or money order to help cover the costs of furnishing the house. Simply email me at and in the subject line  put “Wish List.”  In turn I will send you the address where you can mail the funds you desire to send.

This new page to Littlethunders Castle very well will stay through  all of next year. Thus feel free to bookmark it for future use.

Thank you for your time today. I now return you to your daily chores.

Psalm 103:1-2“Of David. Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—”

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