Live & Protect

 What does it mean to live and protect?

Simply put it should mean that as long as we have breath in our lungs we should protect that which is around us. If that seems simple enough  it should be. However, on this place we call Earth there are people who go about saying “ why should we Jesus is coming soon”  and they go about without a care in the world. While I agree the the Lord is coming soon we, as humans need to take care of this planet in case He does not come back today or even tomorrow.  And from what I have seen of history the human population needs to take better care of what lays right in front of our faces.


  • Wolverines.  According to the DNR in the state of Michigan there are no longer any wild Wolverines roaming the state, As far as they are aware of the only Wolverines left are in the Detroit Zoo. So where did they go? Mankind seen fit to kill them off for their fur. Last I heard there is no attempt to bring this animal back from extinction in the state of Michigan.  In some states there is an attempt to increase the population but it is a slow process.
  • Buffalo also known as Bison. At one point in the United States the population was into the billions and they roamed free in many of the plain states. THe Native American Indians  hunted them not so much for their fur but for meat for the tribe, they took only what they needed at the time. When the “white man” came it was a bloodbath. It is  that when Yellowstone first opened up that in one year alone over six million of these creatures were brought down. Todays population is only around six hundred and slowly growing

The above is only two examples of what is and has been happening right here in the United States  alone. There are other species of animals that could have been mentioned like the wolves, Bald Eagles and countless other creatures great and small. Some animals have disappeared off the face of this planet that your children and children’s children will only know about if they ever pick up a book.

When God created this planet He made no mistake in creating animals before forming Adam out of the dust of the earth. It seems to me that God simply gave them time to grow and populate the planet. Now, as caretakers of this planet it our task to be sure that animals like those mentioned above and many others are protected and given a chance to repopulate their species. If we don’t do so here and now and the Lord does not come back right away then we have something left for tomorrow and the tomorrows of tomorrow. The other result could be that which is seen in the movie Star Treck where they are eating  computer generated food instead of the real thing.

So let me ask you this simple question whether you’re a Christian or not:  What will you do to protect creatures both great and small on this planet? Or would you prefer to have your heritage eating computer generated food and popping pills?

Let us learn to live and protect not just our homes but that which lives in our wild America.

Isaiah 1:16-17“Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

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