So here we are once again. I get to pen my thoughts and you get to pick my brain and thats what blogging is all about right?

Well the answer in its simplest form would be yes but its more complex. Allow me to expound a little.

In the very early day there were Town Criers who shouted the news from village squares. Someone came up with an invention called moveable type and the birth of the printing press was born. With that newspapers were developed forcing the Town Crier out of business.  But all was not well as the newspapers only printed what they wanted and the common person really never had a true voice thus the arrival of an item call books. In case you are new to this concept a book is nothing more than an authors words printed on paper on any subject under the sun. A collection of these items is usually located in a place called a library. In a library you might see the works of Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain or Hemingway and so forth and so on.

In order to publish a book you had to do one of several things; sell your idea to a publisher, be offered a sum of money to pen an article or two or lastly print your own work in the basement of your own house on your very own printing press. Now comes the invention of this place known as the world wide web.

On the Word Wide Web  you have multiple websites offering use of their program. One such program is called a blog. Which is what you are reading this very moment. This allowed the everyday person below the ranks and privileges of the Almighty to pen whatever is on his or her heart and or mind. To pen anything, just the the proton and neuron, has both positive and negative results. Depending on the severity of the writing will depends on which side of prison walls you will be looking at the rest of the world.

Yes writing a blog or a book or even a newspaper can be fun, exciting, profitable and perhaps daring as well as dangerous.  However how do you tell others of your works of art? There is this weird thing called advertising. It can be done by work of mouth such as your friends or by payment or even if you know the ropes getting the goods for free. And the World Wide Web is full of places one could advertise his or her wares.

I hope the above was interesting and perhaps a little educational. And I bet I could have rated on forever on the history of creative writing. However, just like myself you have other things to do before the sun sets on your day.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you will return again often. And by all means share this with others.

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