The Real Wolverine: Speak Life

Sometime ago I shared with you about the plight of one certain animal name The Wolverine. I thought I would share with you some video of the real Wolverine. By doing so it will shed light on … reality.

Mind you that Michigan is called the Wolverine State. While at one time the Wolverine roamed freely there is now no record a single creature roaming free in the state. In fact, and as far as this writer knows, the only Wolverines one can see are held captive in the Detroit Zoo in Oakland County Michigan.

It is my hope that people not just in Michigan will start to care about this little creature but people from all walks of life. This creature, this Wolverine like so many creatures of the wilds needs our help. Not just in talk but in deed. This creature, called a Wolverine, needs to be re-introduced into the wilds of the state of Michigan soon. Now, today, ask yourself, ask others how you can help.

In Christian circles we say “Speak Life” but it seems only pertaining¬† to our self. Why not speak life to the creatures that also inhabits this planet? Lets make a change . Lets make a change starting today.

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            4. Music Video: Speak Life

The following video is about 45 minutes long. If it appears I hope it sheds light on a creature God create for a certain reason and that’s to live. Do we not have the obligation to help it?