Will YOU accept the following challenge?

Will YOU accept the following challenge? Sign up NOW!

WHEN: July 4 2015
Location: Facebook

The Challenge:
This challenge if for ALL professing Christians.

Object: NOT to post anything on Facebook starting at 12:01am est July 4th until midnight.

Any and all postings will cost the sender the simple sum of $3.33 each in U S dollars
payable to Thunderdome Ministries

Will YOU accept this challenge?

You may pay in advance. But be aware. If you are caught posting more than what you sign up for you will still own the ministry.

You may make checks (certified over the amount of $75 please) or money orders payable to:
Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc
3513 Clairmont Street
Flint MI 48503
Att:David Liebler, Founder

All funds will go directly into the ministry bank account at Chase Bank.