It Has to be…..

done. no way around it!

How does yours truly keep his PC running smoothly ? In one word, maintenance!

Just like a person takes care of his/her car one needs to do maintenance on their computer.You just can not drive a car without gas and oil so you need tools to care for your computer.

As for myself here is a list of tools I use on a regular bases;

Now that this year is closing I make sure to run all the above on December 31st. Why? This gives me the confidence  that I am going into a new year with a squeakie clean computer. Why all the detail?  Every item I use provides a little something that another may miss. The PC Pitstop mentioned is run after the others have done their task. PC Pitstop helps make me aware of areas that need adjusting

Now its time for you to put your computer through its paces to be sure your going into the new year with a cleaned up system.

See you next year!

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“Good Day!”

Allow me to ask you a question, then I will proceed; Do you remember a radio announcer by the name of Paul Harvey?   I know I sure do!  Just as a refresher here are a few quotes you may remember:

Sometimes we can get so caught-up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season that we forget something ever so simple. Christmas does not have to be high-tech. In fact it is about as low tech as you can get. And yet, well this may seem sappy and even Biblical but where along the line did society, as a whole, forget about, “our brothers keeper.”

As a Christian I see people in my church helping one another just like a family does. Yet, there is two parts of society that often seems to get neglected #1 those who are single and maybe with no family and #2 those who are in prisons both locally and globally.

Are we really our brothers keeper? or is that basic of basic principals gone down the ways of floppy disks and software no longer apt to keep-up with an ever changing world?

Im no sure if Paul Harvey was a simple man, and he may very well was. I would like to think he was one part of society, just like my church, who….knew how to be a “brothers keeper.” Instead of all the fighting and protests thats going on. Maybe one should ask a friend or neighbor, “can I be your brothers keeper?”

Believe it or not the principle of our brothers keeper ought to ring loud not just at Christmas time. Instead it ought to ring 365.4 days a year all over this place we call earth.

Special links to Paul Harvey and my favorite commercial

Year End Clearance


I bet you thought this entry was in regards to some store hawking their goods right?


What this is about is you clearing out unwanted emails


As you may know, not all email is spam!  Some email comes your way from various places.  Example: when I recently moved I was getting mail from seemingly every corner of the globe; and im not just talking about email. All of which I was glad to receive as it provided ideas how to fix up my little corner of this place called Earth.

Now you know that companies X, Y,and Z will send mail for a limited time. And to cut their losses they will discontinue sending you their material out of cost cutting measures. That is how they operate using the postal system.

Email is different. To companies X,Y and Z email is a freebie. Thus, they have nothing to lose as long as you or your email provider does not declare it as spam. To stop getting email from just about any company look down at the bottom of their email. In very small print you ought to see the word, “unsubscribe.”   Click on that word and you should no longer receive that companies email within a weeks time. If after seven working days you continue to receive their material then you can classify it as spam.

Just how often does yours truly clean up his email ? Normally, it comes down to twice a year. But I make sure its done in the last two weeks in December, mostly because I like to have a clean slate going into January.

Word to the wise

I maintain three mail accounts: one for my friends, my Gmail account for 98% of Google related material and my third strictly for business which gets a once over before deleting. How many email accounts should you have? The answer is simple; whatever you are comfortable with. If you can handle only one that’s okay too.

I now return you to your favorite shopping location.



Never do the following #1 never give anyone you work with your personal email address, not even your  boss! Give them a different email address. #2 Never give out your password(s) not even to your spouse, family members and so forth.

See you in 2015

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Trial Webpage…. its up to you

Over the last year  some have made mention that I don’t put up enough graphics. Frankly I was shocked by this as blogging in nothing but a shorter form of writing a book. And since we are all adults I did not think having graphics was important. After all the works of any good writer like Hemingway and Clemens really never inserted graphics.

With all that said I considered two issues. One inserting more graphics or create a website/webpage with graphics as its focal point. The end result was that I created a webpage where you can pick up graphics for your website free of charge. This is on a trail basis and I will be looking at the stats to see if the page is worth keeping or maybe even dropping. Everything falls on the visitors shoulders as to its future.

Now for the part you have been waiting for, the address of the webpage: the page name is FREEBIE GRAPHICS and you can find it at 

You are free to copy any graphic to your own computer/laptop but do not link it back to the webpage. Thus its a matter of a simple right click to save it as your own. I often will change the name of the graphic and I would expect you to do the same.  If the page is successful I will then change over the graphics on a monthly basis to keep the page fresh. This means only one thing. you will need to bookmark the page for the future. I hope you like the page and will tell others of it. Remember, as freely as you receive so you should freely give.

Again the webpage address is as follows……

Have a nice weekend and drive carefully and make sure you buckle-up!


ITs Not Just A Summer Sport} Photography

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. There is nothing that I know of can capture a point in time and hold it for eternity.

Back in the 1970’s I took a course in photography and fell in love with it. Back then there was no such thing as a digital point and shoot cameras. Back then everything was recorded on film. And so the class instructor showed us how to develop film out of a common cereal bowl. Of course you would not want to eat out of that bowl afterwards but the point was made.

There is a common misconception with people who own cameras. That being you can only take pictures in the summer or when the weather is decent. However, photography is not a summer sport. Allow me to explain: if you take the right precautions you can take really nice pictures of winter time fun and scenery.

Here are  some tricks in brief format:

  • Its all about timing and temperatures.  If you are going to be outside keep the camera in a warm place such as a shirt pocket where its close to receiving heat from our own body.  Having it in a coat pocket just does not keep it as warm as it should be.
  • Never leave your camera in the car regardless what time of year it is. Cars et both very hot or very cold and the moving parts in the camera are not meant to tolerate such extremes.
  • Before you leave the house make sure your battery in the camera is fully charged. The most frustrating thing is having a dead battery when your about to take a shot.
  • If and when possible remove old pictures from the camera. This will give you more digital room you may need, more so if your at an event like a parade, auto show and so forth. If possible take an extra SD card with you in case you  do do overshoot your limit.
  • Plan ahead. So your going outside in the cold and snow and so forth so you should plan ahead what kind of pictures you want. If your looking for winter time scenery then look for things that catch your eye. If your taking pictures of people allow them to be themself. Case in point: if they are skiing or sledding don’t ask them to stop learn how to pan a shot.
  • Learn for others.  Most libraries have a magazine section and should have such about photography.   When you look at a picture  study it out. See if you can tell how they took the shot. Then ask yourself if you could do the same.
  • Editing. many cameras have some sort of built in software where you can edit the picture in the camera. While this is a nice feature it is better to edit it on your computer where your not in a hurry. When editing always keep the original picture on file. You will keep the original as proof that you took it and you may want to crop parts of it out to use for creating a website.

This long holiday you can have all kinds of fun both indoors and yes even outside with your camera. Just remember that your camera is not human and needs to taken care of regardless of the season. After all photography is not just a summer sport.

Was the above helpful? Informative? There is so much to learn about the art of photoraphy that really the above just does not do it justice. Thus I recommend you pick up a book from your local library or from your favorite book store and learn a little bit of the does and don’t s of this fine art.

The following is the exact same tree just at two different times of year. Theses were taken about ten years apart at Hawthorn Park in Pontiac Michigan


Taken in Autumn of 2014

Taken in 2001(?) after an ice storm
Ths was edited in the computer from color to B&W


Look Who is Back

I am truly sorry I have not been around for the last few months. Much of that is highly due to my housing situation. At one point I was forced to either live out of my car or stay with a friend. In either case my only access to the world wide web was through my LG smart phone.

At present I am renting a room from my friend who has a house in Pontiac Michigan. Lord willing and the river does not rise I should be here until at least February or March of next year. Or until I am moved into my very first house of my own.

In previous blogs I made mention of decorating a website to fit the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was unable to do this as having even a smartphone has its limitations. And the ability to use html coding is one of them.

Now at least you, the reader have something to read and there will be more to come. Simply give me time to et use to being back on the world wide web and I shall inform you of perhaps some interesting tales. And those tales are up and coming I can insure you of that.

Thanks a bunch for your understanding  and I will pen more soon

Updates October 6 2013

Before I give you all the latest allow me to say that this entry will serve on several fronts. If you get bored and want to leave I understand many people only want to hear about exciting things that will tingle their senses. However, if you read onward maybe, just maybe you will find something that will spark your interest. And now that that is out of the way let us move onward.

#1. Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.   is undergoing some changes in the realm of reality. At present we are seeking a piece of property with at least four bedrooms in the Fenton Michigan area to begin the first phase of having an after care place for Christians coming out of at this time Michigan prison. Once at the location he will have a much needed roof over his head and Christian education. On top of it all the person will also work on the property.   The ministry has come to the understanding that while we have a vision for the large there is a need to  start small. Exiting prison life is tough and there are many in society who are hostile but here is the thing; they are people too who deserve a second chance on this planet just like God gave you a second and third chance.  Thus Thunderdome Ministries Network needs your support not just prayerfully but in other areas as well.  For more information on the vision of the ministry please o to the website at and click on the tab Vision.

#2. This writer has created a brand new website simply titled It Only Makes Cents  and at this point it has only two pages;  #1..A listing of all the websites where a person like yourself can earn a few dollars on the world wide web  #2  a Cell Phone Forum   and you can tell the world about your cellphone, service and so forth. Will you help make this a popular forum? I truly hope you will.

#3. On a personal note:  over the last few weeks I have been living out of a suitcase and nearly out of my car due to the fact that the landlord wants me moved out by noon October 15 2013. Now I have earnestly attempted to move into a nice place but regretfully that was denied. Thus the press is on.  After said date I frankly do not know if I will have internet access that would able yours truly to pen these entries. Frankly I truly desire your prayers and action as I still attempt to move closer to my home church in Fenton Michigan named Faith City.  

Thank you for your time and for reading this far into this entry. It is my hope and prayer that I will pen many more in the days and months ahead.