Housing Update

For some readers this is a much needed entry.

Late last year yours truly wound up losing a place to live through various lies.
Since then I have been living on God’s good grace staying a month or two at a Christians home. All the while waiting to buy my very first house I can afford in the Holly Michigan area. The biggest issue is money since I am on disability and NOT eligible for low income housing.
So as June 2014 approaches I continue to live on God’s good grace.

Just a note here to my dear readers and friends.
If you are so inclined to assist and would like more information please contact Faith City church in Fenton Michigan at 1-810-750-2200 And ask how you can help David Liebler  and his housing issue.

Thank you for spending a little time today with…..Littlethunder.



It’s not often that yours truly pens an update but since I don’t do so I figured  that my followers deserved such. So i you will bear with me I will proceed making his as brief as possible.

Thunderdome Ministries update

As you may know I moved the website over to Weebly dot-com and combined it with Littlethunders Castle. This has saved time when it comes to doing any editing or adding content. Another reasons was that http://www.webs.com stopped allowing users access of usage of the html modules. Many people have left http://www.webs.com over this and I am one of them.

As far as ministry as a whole goes? There is a bright side as the ministry was given a much-needed printer. And I welcome the addition  indeed. As for the future of the ministry? Financially speaking I still have to pull money out of my own pocket to meet its various needs as the ministry has not obtained any sponsors. Thankfully the only real costs is that of the domain name and even that will cease due to its costs. And of course the lack of funding prevents the ministry from obtaining a much-needed campus to helping Christians in need of temporary housing.

Personal Update

As you may know already,  yours truly is on disability and will never be allowed to work again  this has various ramifications in its self and allow me to explain.

  • My Asus G60 needs a new keyboard and maybe some other work.
  • Obtaining a new place to live is nearly impossible. What I receive per month is not enough to pay rent on an apartment nor that to make house payments.
  • Sometimes my 2007 Dodge Caliber needs work and it either has to wait or it does not get done.

All in all between me and the Lord we are doing pretty well and like every human on this planet there are problems that only HE can take care of. Yes I believe in God and His Word,  for me there are many proofs that He is indeed real.

  • Do I need help  with housing right in the here and now? The answer is a big surrounding yes. I am in need of at least a 2-3 bedroom ranch styled house, with basement and garage with large lot/50 acres in the Holly or Fenton Michigan area all debt free. This would take me out of my present situation and help with various health issues. Can God provide? Indeed He can. All it takes is one or two individuals who hear His voice to make it become reality. (BTW…God would need to provide the furniture for my “man cave” as i have no furniture as well.)
  • AS far as Littlethunders Castle? a new page was added yesterday  titled Littlethunders Bucket List. I hope you will check it out soon.



If you would like to help yours truly  please send a text message to 1-248-295-1365 and insert  “I want to help” I will in turn send you my name  and address where you can send your love gift.   Or you can click on the  PayPal button below




“Warmer Climate.” He said

But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, “ Ephesians 2:4

Several years ago my doctor suggested that I move to a warmer climate due to health issues. At the time I was okay but truly not perfect. The medications seemed to help as long s I remembered to take them. Still I knew God had a goal in mind for my life and I did not heed the doctors.

Sometimes we, as Christians, tend to forget that we are humans made in Gods image. Thus we think. and or even believe, we are super humans sort of like Superman. Never once have I seen Superman sick a day in his life. So whether it is our own ego or the Superman complex we press on towards the high calling of Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons I did not pursue moving south was due to the very reality of the cost of living. For example if your bank account says one thing and the cost of just an apartment is another what do you do? For certain you attempt to not go hungry. Instead you balance the checkbook both in your mind and on paper.  Then if there appears to be enough  you move forward. And so you press on towards the mark of the high calling of Jesus the very best you can; even if there are naysayers.

Do I wish I could move down south were it is warm? of course I do but one has to consider other things in the process. Am I better off now than before because I did not move? In many ways yes, even if it does not appear so to the human eye.

The very God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still directs our lives even if you can not see Him. It takes a normal human to be able to see the many infallible proofs that He is as real today as He was yesterday. You have to simply have to walk by faith and hope that each step you take is the one HE wants you to travel.

I order for you to know HIM you need to be able to listen to HIS voice.

Can you hear what He is saying to you today? After all HE is calling you. And maybe, just maybe He is saying, “move to a warmer climate.”

Look Who is Back

I am truly sorry I have not been around for the last few months. Much of that is highly due to my housing situation. At one point I was forced to either live out of my car or stay with a friend. In either case my only access to the world wide web was through my LG smart phone.

At present I am renting a room from my friend who has a house in Pontiac Michigan. Lord willing and the river does not rise I should be here until at least February or March of next year. Or until I am moved into my very first house of my own.

In previous blogs I made mention of decorating a website to fit the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was unable to do this as having even a smartphone has its limitations. And the ability to use html coding is one of them.

Now at least you, the reader have something to read and there will be more to come. Simply give me time to et use to being back on the world wide web and I shall inform you of perhaps some interesting tales. And those tales are up and coming I can insure you of that.

Thanks a bunch for your understanding  and I will pen more soon


In my last writing I made mention that yours truly is celebrating his 60th birthday and have gave you some ideas of what you can do to make that day a little brighter. If you have started  the process of sending something  please do not let me hold you back.  Furthermore I thank you in advance for making my 60th birthday a little more joyous on July 27th.

This entry is not about my birthday but a little insight of how I spend my day being disabled. Furthermore it will be also a challenge on how you can help.

In the beginning of my day I spend it with the Lord listening to HIS Word and having a time of praise and worship. THis aspect of my day has been taking place for several years even before the declared me as disabled.

After words I spend time surfing the World Wide Web and working on my websites in some form or fashion or another. It takes a great deal of work to maintain a #1 rated website.

Between 10-11am my time on the World Wide Web comes to a close and I move on into watching DVD movies from either the collection I presently have or by watching something via Netflix. 

Dispite having about one hundred and ten  DVDs and access to Netflix  yours truly would indeed like to see the DVD collection to grow into the three hundred  realm.  This is where you can come into the picture;

I know from experience that  thinning out ones DVD collection is often important. Thus I am giving you the chance to send those unwanted DVDs to yours truly. If you would like to send those unwanted DVDs to this writer  an address will be furnished below for your mailing pleasure.  Mind you I can not buy those unwanted DVD’s from you as such funds do not exist. 

What type of movies do I enjoy you ask. World War II, Family movies, baseball and Disney movies.

I already have complete set of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Ring, The Mummy, The Sandlot and of course Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here is also my Wish List @ Amazon

So here is the challenge…

help  increase my DVD collection to 300 or better before December 31st 2013

You can send your playable DVD’s to the following address

David Liebler

202 Marge

Waterford, MI 48328 USA

Please make sure that ALL DVD’s are in the region of the United States as movies from other countries will not play on my DVD player.

Are you up to the challenge?

Sorry do not send any pornographic movies

Thank you in advance for taking on this challenge and for the DVD’s you send,





“What’s Up doc?”

Deuteronomy 6:4-5“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”

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Please excuse my absence in penning any entries. In January I took to creating, working with all of the websites that I own. I even tried some new tricks and found I enjoyed the treat of what took place. It has been a very long time since I just sat back and got a little creative along with mixing it in with some education.

For those who are reading this and just starting out  with creating websites allow me to explain:  Just like in the real work the internet changes as well. What might be the style and way to go one month may not hold true in the following months. Thus, if you are going to have a website one needs to stay fresh to the point where you are willing to take a chance or two.  Several years ago having a website  using flash was very popular. Just about everyone who I knew had a website with it. As for myself, I held back  and just kept the website as simple as possible. As it turned out  the era of flash websites died out and it was back to basics. The reason why it died is this: it takes longer for a website to load using flash than simply a html code. Those seconds that a visitor has to wait are critical. If a website can not load up within 30 seconds or less everything is a pure waste of a visitors time and your prospects will move onward.

So here is a list of websites that got created or recreated since I last penned an entry. IF you visit any of them and you like the idea or layout just pen me a note in the guestbook that could very well be included. 


  1. If you are attempting to learn html code allow me to share this piece of advice:  be willing to practice writing codes out on both your computer and on paper. By doing this the codes will tend to become memorized thus creating a second nature of sorts.
  2. Remember, when you create a website  keep this in mind: you are in truth creating it for yourself for the world to see. If you do not like it  your visitors very well will not either. Do yourself proud!

Have a good day everyone and I hope to see some kind remarks in those guestbook.



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Three Things To Remember….



as each day passes by so our shopping days until Christmas grow shorter and shorter. So I would like to take this time  and remind you of several things.

  • As each day passes the lines at various stores get longer and everyone’s nerves are on edge. The solution to this problem and to keep from wasting precious gas is to shop online. One such place you can shop is at Thunder Mall. With Thunder Mall you can shop in the comfort of your favorite chair right at home. Each store at Thunder Mall is an affiliate right from Amazon.com itself. So you would be shopping with confidence.
  • As 2012 draws to a close this writer needs to remind you that Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc  needs sponsors for next year. I do believe that this was mentioned in a blog entry titled WANTED. In said entry I do believe that things were mentioned as so you could choose which aspect of the ministry you may want to support.
  • Lastly I would like to mention to you the following: yours truly has not family whatsoever. Thus Christmas gets to truly be a drag all by itself. Yet there is a way that you could make this writers Christmas a little brighter by taking advantage of my Amazon.com Wish List.

May the Lord bless and keep you in everything you say and do.




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