It Has to be…..

done. no way around it!

How does yours truly keep his PC running smoothly ? In one word, maintenance!

Just like a person takes care of his/her car one needs to do maintenance on their computer.You just can not drive a car without gas and oil so you need tools to care for your computer.

As for myself here is a list of tools I use on a regular bases;

Now that this year is closing I make sure to run all the above on December 31st. Why? This gives me the confidence  that I am going into a new year with a squeakie clean computer. Why all the detail?  Every item I use provides a little something that another may miss. The PC Pitstop mentioned is run after the others have done their task. PC Pitstop helps make me aware of areas that need adjusting

Now its time for you to put your computer through its paces to be sure your going into the new year with a cleaned up system.

See you next year!

happy new year 003



Trial Webpage…. its up to you

Over the last year  some have made mention that I don’t put up enough graphics. Frankly I was shocked by this as blogging in nothing but a shorter form of writing a book. And since we are all adults I did not think having graphics was important. After all the works of any good writer like Hemingway and Clemens really never inserted graphics.

With all that said I considered two issues. One inserting more graphics or create a website/webpage with graphics as its focal point. The end result was that I created a webpage where you can pick up graphics for your website free of charge. This is on a trail basis and I will be looking at the stats to see if the page is worth keeping or maybe even dropping. Everything falls on the visitors shoulders as to its future.

Now for the part you have been waiting for, the address of the webpage: the page name is FREEBIE GRAPHICS and you can find it at 

You are free to copy any graphic to your own computer/laptop but do not link it back to the webpage. Thus its a matter of a simple right click to save it as your own. I often will change the name of the graphic and I would expect you to do the same.  If the page is successful I will then change over the graphics on a monthly basis to keep the page fresh. This means only one thing. you will need to bookmark the page for the future. I hope you like the page and will tell others of it. Remember, as freely as you receive so you should freely give.

Again the webpage address is as follows……

Have a nice weekend and drive carefully and make sure you buckle-up!



It’s not often that yours truly pens an update but since I don’t do so I figured  that my followers deserved such. So i you will bear with me I will proceed making his as brief as possible.

Thunderdome Ministries update

As you may know I moved the website over to Weebly dot-com and combined it with Littlethunders Castle. This has saved time when it comes to doing any editing or adding content. Another reasons was that stopped allowing users access of usage of the html modules. Many people have left over this and I am one of them.

As far as ministry as a whole goes? There is a bright side as the ministry was given a much-needed printer. And I welcome the addition  indeed. As for the future of the ministry? Financially speaking I still have to pull money out of my own pocket to meet its various needs as the ministry has not obtained any sponsors. Thankfully the only real costs is that of the domain name and even that will cease due to its costs. And of course the lack of funding prevents the ministry from obtaining a much-needed campus to helping Christians in need of temporary housing.

Personal Update

As you may know already,  yours truly is on disability and will never be allowed to work again  this has various ramifications in its self and allow me to explain.

  • My Asus G60 needs a new keyboard and maybe some other work.
  • Obtaining a new place to live is nearly impossible. What I receive per month is not enough to pay rent on an apartment nor that to make house payments.
  • Sometimes my 2007 Dodge Caliber needs work and it either has to wait or it does not get done.

All in all between me and the Lord we are doing pretty well and like every human on this planet there are problems that only HE can take care of. Yes I believe in God and His Word,  for me there are many proofs that He is indeed real.

  • Do I need help  with housing right in the here and now? The answer is a big surrounding yes. I am in need of at least a 2-3 bedroom ranch styled house, with basement and garage with large lot/50 acres in the Holly or Fenton Michigan area all debt free. This would take me out of my present situation and help with various health issues. Can God provide? Indeed He can. All it takes is one or two individuals who hear His voice to make it become reality. (BTW…God would need to provide the furniture for my “man cave” as i have no furniture as well.)
  • AS far as Littlethunders Castle? a new page was added yesterday  titled Littlethunders Bucket List. I hope you will check it out soon.



If you would like to help yours truly  please send a text message to 1-248-295-1365 and insert  “I want to help” I will in turn send you my name  and address where you can send your love gift.   Or you can click on the  PayPal button below




To Tell The Truth

Okay lets be honest with each other: you would like more people to visit your blog right? I know I sure do.

After all each and every entry you and me make is frankly a labor of love. You want your readers to learn and have a good experience at your site. Furthermore, and knowing this from experience, you not only want them to return often but you want them to tell others. So what transpires if a customer has a bad experience? Well there is two things that transpire: #1 they will not return. #2 they very well may tell a friend and the friend tells a friend  and then look where you are.

Now I can not help you with what your friends tell others, that dear reader is between you and them. However, I think I can help you get a few more visitors to your blog. What I am about to share with you is a bit different as this website deals with getting traffic to your blog. I am frankly not sure how they do it but you very well may have found this blog via the following website.

Here is what I suggest:  #1 click on of the banners below #2 read over their website #3 if you like what you see then please by all means sign up. All three steps are up to you. I can only suggest and encourage you to join this site. So take your mouse and click on the banner below.

Thanks for stopping by and I trust to be seeing you again.

Almost Here(aka end of the year website tip)

Okay, here you and me are here stuck on this place called Earth. Proceeding further we are finding our-self drawing closer and closer to the last few major holidays left in this year. So what does one do if s/he has a website? So in this writing I will attempt to show you what could be done to your website, whether it be a personal or business site. Certain things ought to be done.

September 2013 } search for royalty free holiday graphics. This can be done starting with the search engine Bing. As you search for graphics save what you like onto your computer. While doing so create various folders for what the graphic will be used for such as banners, backgrounds and so forth.

October 2013 } create a practice website in your html editor. Create different looks, textures that make you feel right. If you find your going to use tables then practice with various looks and layouts. If you do not have an html editor you should be able to find one or two at

Early November 2013 } by now you should have two maybe three designs for your holiday website. Now you get to choose which one you will start the holidays with. Keep this in mind your website needs to come up within 5-10 seconds, this is critical. Any loner than 10 seconds you could find your visitors moving onward. If you live in the USA then you should have a website that celebrates Thanksgiving for the month of November and in December one that has a Christmas look and feel.

Early December 2013 } your Christmas themed site should be up by really no later than the 15th of the month and running until December 26th. Then and only then you have the option of doing a New Years themed website.

Early January 2014 } If you created a New Years themed website then you could leave it up and running until January 3rd  or the fifth at the latest. After the holidays you can return your website back to its original look and feel if you so choose or you may want to recreate the website with a new look and feel for  the first 3-6 months of the new year.

Some graphics to help you get started with your search

Christmas graphics etc etc/

I hope that this entry will serve you well in the months ahead. Have a great day!



Lessons Learned and Passed On

FIrst allow me to thank all those who follow this writers rantings! I never expected that what I said would go so far.

Today I want to share with you a lesson that has been learned and put to well use. I hope by you reading this that you too will take certain precautions in saving the material on your system.

Having been on the World Wide Web ten years plus gives a person some experience that is used from time to time. In this case it was when I moved all the graphics I use for my websites to  several flash drives. In all it took close to 10 gigs worth of flash drives.  In order to keep from losing those flash drives I put them in a safe deposit box in the bank for safe keeping.  Little did I know how important this step would become.

Over the weekend of  July 12-14 my laptop had a problem, it just refused to finish start-up. At this point I was thankful for some of Microsoft’s built-in various aspects and i proceeded to move forward with such fixes. However, after a good hour it was fruitless and the only thing I could do was a full system restore. Was I able to gain access to all my files and graphics before hand? The answer was a big no, it was impossible to go any further as the system world not fully start-up.

For 27 straight hours I spent bringing my Asus 660VX laptop  back to health. This also meant that there was 161 Microsoft updates that needed to be taken care of before I could tackle the remainder of the restoration; we are talking about years worth of bookmarks and Firefox & Internet Explorers add ons. When 5pm Sunday rolled around I had finished the task except for getting the flash drives from the safe deposit box that lay in the bank vault.

Now, and I hope you are still reading this are the pros and cons about doing a restoration:

CONS:   #1 all the time you are without  a system wether it be a laptop or desktop you will be without a line to the World WIde Web.    #2.  You will lose all your data that you saved and worked on. #3 you may lose sleep when you undergo such a restoration.

PROS:  #1 If you are like me and like to try new and different software doing a restoration is a good way of ridding your system of unwanted, or needed, software. #2 by doing a restoration you free up much-needed  disk space, Thus giving you a clean slate to work with until your next system failure.


It is important that you save as much data on either an external hard drive or even on flash drives. If you choose the latter make sure you put those flash drives in a safe place. You can save your flash drives either in you’re in home safe or at your local banks safe deposit box.

Footnote to readers:

In this entry I made sure to give links back to various parts of the WOrld Wide Web that I do believe you may want or need later on. Just remember to save everything you may need back, including bookmarks and passwords.

PS.. someones birthday is coming up in about eleven days I think that person would like something from his/her wish list @ WISH LIST FOR A FRIEND  so there is still time to et that person a gift.


Have areat day and play it safe!

The Cats Out Of The Bag

For months you have read this blog learning new things about your computer. A trick here or there with a tip or two thrown in for extra measure. Now I am going to share with you various places on the World Wide Web where I sometimes get my information.


Download sites you may never have heard of:

**If you are unfamiliar with downloading and uninstalling  software please seek the help of a friend who is more experienced.  Why? There is more to removing a program than simply “uninstalling” the program. Sometimes there is a trace of the software in the far reaches of your hard drive that needs to be removed manually.aniart006

*** When downloading a program keep an eye on the download progress. As of late some programs have other programs built into the download. Thus you may wind up installing three or four programs along with the one you intended on.


I hope you learned a little something from the above. Mind you that what you read above is only a fraction of what is on the World Wide Web. You simply have to be willing to break free of Facebook and go exploring for several hours.

Luke 9:23-24“Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.”

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