The Real Wolverine: Speak Life

Sometime ago I shared with you about the plight of one certain animal name The Wolverine. I thought I would share with you some video of the real Wolverine. By doing so it will shed light on … reality.

Mind you that Michigan is called the Wolverine State. While at one time the Wolverine roamed freely there is now no record a single creature roaming free in the state. In fact, and as far as this writer knows, the only Wolverines one can see are held captive in the Detroit Zoo in Oakland County Michigan.

It is my hope that people not just in Michigan will start to care about this little creature but people from all walks of life. This creature, this Wolverine like so many creatures of the wilds needs our help. Not just in talk but in deed. This creature, called a Wolverine, needs to be re-introduced into the wilds of the state of Michigan soon. Now, today, ask yourself, ask others how you can help.

In Christian circles we say “Speak Life” but it seems only pertaining  to our self. Why not speak life to the creatures that also inhabits this planet? Lets make a change . Lets make a change starting today.

            1. Wolverine Display
            2. Tours
            3. Wikpedia
            4. Music Video: Speak Life

The following video is about 45 minutes long. If it appears I hope it sheds light on a creature God create for a certain reason and that’s to live. Do we not have the obligation to help it?


Trial Webpage…. its up to you

Over the last year  some have made mention that I don’t put up enough graphics. Frankly I was shocked by this as blogging in nothing but a shorter form of writing a book. And since we are all adults I did not think having graphics was important. After all the works of any good writer like Hemingway and Clemens really never inserted graphics.

With all that said I considered two issues. One inserting more graphics or create a website/webpage with graphics as its focal point. The end result was that I created a webpage where you can pick up graphics for your website free of charge. This is on a trail basis and I will be looking at the stats to see if the page is worth keeping or maybe even dropping. Everything falls on the visitors shoulders as to its future.

Now for the part you have been waiting for, the address of the webpage: the page name is FREEBIE GRAPHICS and you can find it at 

You are free to copy any graphic to your own computer/laptop but do not link it back to the webpage. Thus its a matter of a simple right click to save it as your own. I often will change the name of the graphic and I would expect you to do the same.  If the page is successful I will then change over the graphics on a monthly basis to keep the page fresh. This means only one thing. you will need to bookmark the page for the future. I hope you like the page and will tell others of it. Remember, as freely as you receive so you should freely give.

Again the webpage address is as follows……

Have a nice weekend and drive carefully and make sure you buckle-up!


Is It Possible?

Last time I informed you about a cool website where I started to earn money. And to boot it only takes about five minutes out of my day.Since then I found two more website that do the very same thing. Thus, as each day comes and goes money starts to add up. Thus, i had to ask myself the following question, “Is it possible that i could buy a new car in the Summer of 2015?” That’s the magical question and i am hoping it will transpire.

Okay, now you heard the hype.So the question to you is this, “Do you want to earn a few dollars starting today?” If you do simply click on any of the following, signup and start earning some money by simply viewing a few ads. If you stick with it those dollars will add up for you too.

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I hope you will sign up with one or all of the above  mentioned and start watching your own dollar amounts grow.  Who knows maybe you will earn so much you will consider buying a new car if not even take a nice vacation.

NEW PTC } Check It Out

For many months I have used various PTC websites just to advertise my various websites. And for the most part doing so has been successful. What you are about to seen just made yours truly a little happier today.

Within 15 minutes yours truly earned $43 just by reading ads online. Now I would feel bad if I did not share this with you so you too can earn a few bucks every day.

All you need to do is the following:

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It is as simple as that. And mind you I made $43  within minutes and I think you could too. So what you waiting for  click on the banner below:

FYI } Looking For A Little Help From Friends


For decades yours truly has always rented furnished apartments. In doing so it saved on the hassle of moving one place to another. As well there was no lawns to mow, hedges to trim, water heaters to replace and so on and so forth. Now things are different and here is the part that I hole you can assist.praying hands

As of this writing, and as you can tell from the opening paragraph, something is about to change my life until more than likely the Lord calls me home. I am frankly in the midst of buying my first house here in southeastern Michigan. At this point and time I can inform you that it will be located between Waterford Michigan and Fenton Michigan. The address is unknown at this point and time and more than likely it will not be published for security reasons.

Would you like to help be part of creating my “man cave?”

If you would like to help furnish my up-n-coming  “man cave” here is how you can help:  below are two(2) separate Wish Lists that I put together via Amazon. One list is my personal list and the other my list strictly for the house. The list for the house will give you an idea of the various themes I plan on having from the kitchen right down to the bathroom and bedrooms. It is my hope that my friends will want to assist and help make my first house truly shine. Who knows maybe by this time next year Christmas lights might be shining bright from my new location.


  1. Wish List For House: This lists contains such things as a
    doorbell, shower curtains, posters of exotic cars and pictures from space and so forth
  2. Personal Wish List: this list consists mostly of DVDs I want to add to my ever growing DVD collection. This list does have other items as well.

Since the above wish list are at Amazon they do have my correct temporary mailing address on file. Thus the items can be shipped to me directly. Mind you not everything that is needed is on the above mentioned lists but it gives you a glimpse of what each room will be themed out as.

Room Themes

  • Master bedroom: NASA/Space Theme
  • Bedroom #2: Combination of office & TV Room
  • Bedroom #3: unknown at this time
  • Bathroom: Pirate Theme
  • Living Room: Exotic cars. walls to be painted cobalt blue trimmed out in white. This room will not have a TV as it will be used for Bible study groups.

After many years being on line I have seen people asking for thins myself. Often I have wanted to help but found out later what their real motive was.

I assure you that this is no scam and verification can be provided of the purchase of my first home @  You can direct your inquiry to one Lawrence Sefa who happens to live in Fenton Michigan.

One final thing to mention

Instead of using the wish list mentioned above you could deposit funds into my PayPal account that would go towards furniture for the house.  Simply go to the website address mentioned below.

Add Funds To Littlethunders PayPal account Here

Thank you in advance for any and all help provided

Luke 1:76-78“And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for him, to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins, because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

ITs Not Just A Summer Sport} Photography

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. There is nothing that I know of can capture a point in time and hold it for eternity.

Back in the 1970’s I took a course in photography and fell in love with it. Back then there was no such thing as a digital point and shoot cameras. Back then everything was recorded on film. And so the class instructor showed us how to develop film out of a common cereal bowl. Of course you would not want to eat out of that bowl afterwards but the point was made.

There is a common misconception with people who own cameras. That being you can only take pictures in the summer or when the weather is decent. However, photography is not a summer sport. Allow me to explain: if you take the right precautions you can take really nice pictures of winter time fun and scenery.

Here are  some tricks in brief format:

  • Its all about timing and temperatures.  If you are going to be outside keep the camera in a warm place such as a shirt pocket where its close to receiving heat from our own body.  Having it in a coat pocket just does not keep it as warm as it should be.
  • Never leave your camera in the car regardless what time of year it is. Cars et both very hot or very cold and the moving parts in the camera are not meant to tolerate such extremes.
  • Before you leave the house make sure your battery in the camera is fully charged. The most frustrating thing is having a dead battery when your about to take a shot.
  • If and when possible remove old pictures from the camera. This will give you more digital room you may need, more so if your at an event like a parade, auto show and so forth. If possible take an extra SD card with you in case you  do do overshoot your limit.
  • Plan ahead. So your going outside in the cold and snow and so forth so you should plan ahead what kind of pictures you want. If your looking for winter time scenery then look for things that catch your eye. If your taking pictures of people allow them to be themself. Case in point: if they are skiing or sledding don’t ask them to stop learn how to pan a shot.
  • Learn for others.  Most libraries have a magazine section and should have such about photography.   When you look at a picture  study it out. See if you can tell how they took the shot. Then ask yourself if you could do the same.
  • Editing. many cameras have some sort of built in software where you can edit the picture in the camera. While this is a nice feature it is better to edit it on your computer where your not in a hurry. When editing always keep the original picture on file. You will keep the original as proof that you took it and you may want to crop parts of it out to use for creating a website.

This long holiday you can have all kinds of fun both indoors and yes even outside with your camera. Just remember that your camera is not human and needs to taken care of regardless of the season. After all photography is not just a summer sport.

Was the above helpful? Informative? There is so much to learn about the art of photoraphy that really the above just does not do it justice. Thus I recommend you pick up a book from your local library or from your favorite book store and learn a little bit of the does and don’t s of this fine art.

The following is the exact same tree just at two different times of year. Theses were taken about ten years apart at Hawthorn Park in Pontiac Michigan


Taken in Autumn of 2014

Taken in 2001(?) after an ice storm
Ths was edited in the computer from color to B&W


Name This Blog

Okay okay this blog has been up and running a little over a year and it is all thanks to you.

However, i have never really settled in on a proper title for this blog. Therefore, I think I shall leave this up to you.

Between now and December 25, 2013 I want you to suggest a name for this blog. All you need to do is send me an email  with your suggestion for a proper name for this blog..

The name that sounds the best will be used all of 2014 and maybe even beyond .

Send your suggestions to in the subject line put the following: BLOG SUGGESTION

In case of duplicate suggestions the one with the earliest submission date will hold true. IF there are a great deal of suggestions I will create a survey/poll so you can vote on the name.

I figured that since today is my 60th birthday I could do something special that would get you involved with this blog.

Littlethunders Amazon Wish List

Have  great day and I hope to hear from you soon.


PLEASE do not forget that Thunderdome Ministries is looking forward to receiving sponsors to help cover some costs. And at this point it has one need that should be filled soon and that is for multi tasked printer where printing on both sides would be a breeze, YOu still can send funds to my Pay Pal Account if you so desire.