Will You? God Will

All through my ChristiaImagen walk I have seen His hand in many aspects of the lives of my friends and even personally. Many things I just can not explain how God did it but He did and He does.One case in point was a very bad auto accident was in with my freshly repainted and restored 1979 Ford Fiesta. The fireman said that if it had not been for the sunroof more than likely I would have died as my head was sticking out of a collapsed sunroof. (see photo) Thus I like the phrase in Acts chapter one verse two where it reads “many infallible proofs” for that describes how God has demonstrated that He is indeed alive and not dead as many may say. But I am not here today to tell you about how I know He is real in my life. Instead I want to tell you that many times in life He uses people to get things done.

What I am about to share with you will tale the work of His people to get this task done, But before I tell you any more allow me to share with you a pictureImage. The house you see is a three bedroom two and a half bath home in what is registered as in Holly Michigan. Yet it lays less than  two miles from Faith City Church on Thompson Road. Now here is the story about this certain place:

Back about eight months ago I seen this house for sale and dismissed it as I would had rather had a nice ranch styled home. About a week ago a sister in the faith seen his very same house and believed that this is the house for me. I told her nothing about this location until she had her say. Then the question arose, why would God show me the house eight months ago and now again through someone else in the faith unless His hand was included in it.

Pardon me now but here is where the faith of those in the Christ Jesus needs to come into play: The cost of the house is a mere $200000 not including closing costs, taxes and so forth. Thus we are believing the Lord will come through with at least $300000 plus costs to buy needed furniture and cleanup costs of the barns and so forth. Fact of the matter is as follows. I do not have that kind of money laying about in any bank or even in my wallet, neither does any of my friends in the faith. However God does have such funds and even more to cap it off.  This would be the ideal location  for Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc to help Christian men in need of temporary housing.

With all the above said I wonder if you have the faith to see this as not only my first house but a place where the work of the Lord could proceed as God sees fit. Mind you this is less than two miles from the church and out in the country.. This would make it very hard for any person to reach out to ones past. Instead it would allow a person a fresh start, a second chance if you will. After all how many second chances has God given to you and members on your family? Thus the question is as follows: will you be a part of a ministry that desires to help people? Will you reach out and touch the hands of someone you don’t even know? Will you perhaps even go as far as becoming a sponsor?

I am not asking you for a million dollars, not even ten thousand dollars to help buy this house lock stock and barrel. Making it a debt free piece of property. However I am asking you to give as the Holy Spirit leads you in order to make this all reality.

If you feel the leading for the Lord to help the Paypay donate button is for your use below. Remember this: the very same God who has not only given me and you a second chance in life wants to do so in the lives of others. So, beloved will you help “the least of these” or will you turn your back in defiance?


If you prefer to send a donation by regular mail please send a certified check over one hundred dollars to the following

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc

David Liebler, Founder & CEO

4935 Wood Street

Waterford MI 48329

Remember that the ministry can not proceed and nor will a roof be over my own  head unless a house is bought. Thus this is a critical step in both the future of the ministry and for me as a person.

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc is not a nonprofit ministry. Therefore any funds  can not be declared on your taxes






It’s not often that yours truly pens an update but since I don’t do so I figured  that my followers deserved such. So i you will bear with me I will proceed making his as brief as possible.

Thunderdome Ministries update

As you may know I moved the website over to Weebly dot-com and combined it with Littlethunders Castle. This has saved time when it comes to doing any editing or adding content. Another reasons was that http://www.webs.com stopped allowing users access of usage of the html modules. Many people have left http://www.webs.com over this and I am one of them.

As far as ministry as a whole goes? There is a bright side as the ministry was given a much-needed printer. And I welcome the addition  indeed. As for the future of the ministry? Financially speaking I still have to pull money out of my own pocket to meet its various needs as the ministry has not obtained any sponsors. Thankfully the only real costs is that of the domain name and even that will cease due to its costs. And of course the lack of funding prevents the ministry from obtaining a much-needed campus to helping Christians in need of temporary housing.

Personal Update

As you may know already,  yours truly is on disability and will never be allowed to work again  this has various ramifications in its self and allow me to explain.

  • My Asus G60 needs a new keyboard and maybe some other work.
  • Obtaining a new place to live is nearly impossible. What I receive per month is not enough to pay rent on an apartment nor that to make house payments.
  • Sometimes my 2007 Dodge Caliber needs work and it either has to wait or it does not get done.

All in all between me and the Lord we are doing pretty well and like every human on this planet there are problems that only HE can take care of. Yes I believe in God and His Word,  for me there are many proofs that He is indeed real.

  • Do I need help  with housing right in the here and now? The answer is a big surrounding yes. I am in need of at least a 2-3 bedroom ranch styled house, with basement and garage with large lot/50 acres in the Holly or Fenton Michigan area all debt free. This would take me out of my present situation and help with various health issues. Can God provide? Indeed He can. All it takes is one or two individuals who hear His voice to make it become reality. (BTW…God would need to provide the furniture for my “man cave” as i have no furniture as well.)
  • AS far as Littlethunders Castle? a new page was added yesterday  titled Littlethunders Bucket List. I hope you will check it out soon.



If you would like to help yours truly  please send a text message to 1-248-295-1365 and insert  “I want to help” I will in turn send you my name  and address where you can send your love gift.   Or you can click on the  PayPal button below




Ministry Update


        State flag

state capital
State Capital


From the humble beginnings of Thunderdome Ministry there was an honest desire to move forward in helping Christians coming out of prison life to re-adjust to a different form of society.  After many years, prayer and tears I have found that the ones Jesus classified as  “the least of these” just was not receiving proper sponsorship to build a  proper campus. Truth of the matter is this, not one red cent was ever received towards this goal. Was it an over reach? Was it the hardness of the heart that it never bore fruit? I frankly am unsure but after all this time it is time to move onward and pray that someone else with take up the cause.

The New Mission

The new mission is as follows, thus leaving the old one behind.

Due to recent events in my own life it has come to my attention that there are Christians who are or could be going through what I went through. Being virtually homeless while waiting to buy a home.  It is not easy living virtually hand to mouth relying on friends and wondering where your next meal is coming from.

It is not your fault that the process in buying a house is slow. It is after all a matter of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s making sure nothing come back to bite you at a later date. Thus here is the vision. or goal if you please:

Build and or buy a house or two where a single Christian can live up to six months out of a year while in the process of buying a house. As he was under the roof of Thunderdome Ministries he would /could continue working at his place of employment.  He would be required to pay rent and help offset the cost of food provided. He would.. be required to attend daily devotions and attend church. As a Christian home of course there would be no smoking, drinking or doing illegal  drugs on or off property.  Many people want to own a home of their own instead of renting apartments or renting rooms. Thus, this vision, this goal is truly workable. All that is needed are sponsors to help proceed in obtaining the right house to begin the program. There is a side note to this: unlike low income housing where they undergo background checks this program will not consist of such. Thus if a Christian did time behind bars  and has been released then s/he has paid his debt to society and has a clean slate.

If the above  vision sounds right and proper and you would like to help in this project an email will be furnished below where you can obtain the address where you can send forth your sponsorship fund**

Always remember the story of  what transpired in the early church when a husband and wife held back from the Lord. Read Acts 4:34-5:37 they paid a terrible price for their desires. Please do not make the same mistake as they did.

For information on where you can send your sponsorship dollars please contact the following aniart106

May God richly bless you as you bless others in this project of importance.


Yours in the faith and knowledge of Jesus who is the Christ

David Liebler , Founder & CEO of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

Luke 1:46-47, 49“[Mary’s Song] And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for the Mighty One has done great things for me— holy is his name.”

Brought to you by BibleGateway.com. Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

**Please note that Thunderdome Ministries is not a tax exempt ministry and any or all donations can not be classified as a tax deduction.

Will You Help?

This is a short entry to update you, the reader, about the happenings of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

The following was posted this morning at Facebook:

Received Mondays mail only to receive information that the domain name for Thunderdome Ministries Network  is due for renewal.

Please note that the ministry is reaching out to over 45 different countries with the good news of Jesus. Furthermore, http://www.thunderdomeministries.net holds first position in several search engines such as Google & Yahoo.  Consider the loss if the domain name were not renewed.

IF you would like to help with the renewal costs please send funding to the following

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc   c/o David Liebler President  202 Marge   Waterford, Michigan USA 48328

Funds should be received BEFORE September 30 2013

Please note that the above mentioned ministry does NOT hold tax exempt status at this time. Thus, all gifts can not be claimed as a tax deduction.

What It Is Like

What you are about to read refers only to yours truly. What others with disabilities go through may or may not be different. Thus, this is my story. If you have reservations about people with disabilities or those who have to live using Food Stamps then i suggest you move onward to another entry.

For ages I enjoyed working. It was fun and often times rewarding. I started out working as a dishwasher way back in 1968 and moved up over the years as a head cook. At one point I was head cook working in two restaurants; one was on the graveyard ship the other during the day. After twenty-five years of cooking I had enough and chose to move onward in my career. In time I worked at a newspaper as both a Customer Service Rep as well as a Dispatcher.

After I took a change in jobs my health took a turn that I never wanted; I lost my eyesight, I learned I had arthritis and to top it off even COPD. For the most part I was a mess and even the sports and things I enjoyed slowly began to slip out of my fingers. Thus, no more bowling, no more bicycle riding, no hiking, no more reading for long periods of time and yes no more working out at the gym.

I went from working to put food on the table seven days a week to having to rely on Food Stamps. The doctors I seen told me I could never work again and I was to take it easy the best i knew how. I had to learn how to go from three meals a day to only one as they cut my Food Stamp allowance down more and more. Sometimes there is not enough food in the house to last the entire month so I have to cut my meals down even further.

Yet, I have hope for a better tomorrow as I live my life for the very same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It pleases me to praying-hands_thumb.jpginform you that during these days it is a real joy to go into nursing homes or into prisons and give even the “least of these” the hope they richly need. You may say well it don’t look like God has done much for you.” But I can point to a scripture in the book of Acts where it talks about “many infallible proofs.” Acts 1:3  And I can tell you without any doubt that through it all I have seen God’s hand at work even in the darkest of times. When there was no food or money, God came through in the nick of time. When I nearly lost my life in a car accident it was God who seen me through and rescued me.

What is it like for me to be disabled and not able to ever work again? For the life of me I would love to o back to work! But God who is rich in mercy had a different plan and I love working for the Master.  Is it rough living on Food Stamps? Indeed it is! The days of steak and lobster per se are in the past and so I learned to enjoy a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I love telling people about the Lord Jesus because I tell them what HE has done for me and what HE can do for them. So in brief you know a little about yours truly. It is perhaps not a pretty story. But what took place on that cross some two thousand years was far worse. And HE did it all for you.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry as it was most difficult for yours truly to put pen to paper.

Yours in the faith and knowledge of Jesus

Littlethunder aka David Liebler

Personal website@ www.littlethunderscastle.us

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc website@ www.thunderdomeministries.net



Name This Blog

Okay okay this blog has been up and running a little over a year and it is all thanks to you.

However, i have never really settled in on a proper title for this blog. Therefore, I think I shall leave this up to you.

Between now and December 25, 2013 I want you to suggest a name for this blog. All you need to do is send me an email  with your suggestion for a proper name for this blog..

The name that sounds the best will be used all of 2014 and maybe even beyond .

Send your suggestions to Littlethunder727@hotmail.com in the subject line put the following: BLOG SUGGESTION

In case of duplicate suggestions the one with the earliest submission date will hold true. IF there are a great deal of suggestions I will create a survey/poll so you can vote on the name.

I figured that since today is my 60th birthday I could do something special that would get you involved with this blog.

Littlethunders Amazon Wish List

Have  great day and I hope to hear from you soon.


PLEASE do not forget that Thunderdome Ministries is looking forward to receiving sponsors to help cover some costs. And at this point it has one need that should be filled soon and that is for multi tasked printer where printing on both sides would be a breeze, YOu still can send funds to my Pay Pal Account if you so desire.

You Can Help At Last.

This is regards to Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc in which many of you readers have wanted to assist with love gifts.

In the past it was learned that Paypal wanted  me to setup a second account with the ministries name. The catch was that I would to have proved that the ministry was tax exempt which it is not. Yet I knew there was a way for you, the reader to help the ministry.

AS of right now you can donate funds directly to yours truly via Paypal.   In turn I will transfer said amount to the ministries account in the ministries Chase Bank account.

PLEASE NOTE:  Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc. does not have tax exempt status and can not be claimed as a tax deduction. Thus it would be as if you were giving a birthday or Christmas gift.

You can give any amount you so desire. IF you desire to give simply click on the Paypal link mentioned above.

Amounts over $500 and over will allow your name  and or business to be mentioned on the website if you so desire.  If a business is desired  to be mentioned you can  post a 125×125 sized banner as well. Please be sure you give the name of your business along with the business website address. SORRY, NO illegal or porn websites will be allowed

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc & how you can help