I’ve been on the World Wide Web since 1988 when things were pretty raw. But one thing that has bugged me in certain online games, mostly casino games. Allow me to explain;

Back in the days of arcades, and I miss them so much, we played games for fun and sometimes tokens. That was all good as it kept you returning to the same arcade. And so I got truly addicted to the arcade mores to the good old fashion pinball machines. Now I was NOT a Pinball Wizard but I loved the sounds, vibrations and feel of a good machine.

Today we have games of all sorts on the World Wide Web. Some are on places like Pogo or Facebook but they all miss two real things. Number one they don’t have the sounds or feel like the games from arcades. Secondly there are really no rewards to give you the sense of accomplishment.

Thus, and here is what I propose to someonewith the brains to legally pull this off;

Develop a game site that pays off in real time cash prizes. I am NOT talking about casino type gaming as some people can not afford such type games. Some people, such as the elderly and disabled are on a fixed income. Thus we would NOT wanting them, or anyone else, risking house and home. Thus the challenge to develop a gaming website were real prizes are issued.

What type of prizes? Anything one could want: cash, clothing, vacation of all types. Got the picture?
These are gifts and prizes any person could win. Could you picture taking a cruise on a ship on the Great Lakes? How about an all expense paid vacation to places like Cedar Point or Six Flags?
There are endless places one could go right here in the good old United States of America, right?And at zero pocket money to each and every player,

Now, dear reader, the challenge is out.
Can such a website be created at zero cost whatsoever to the potential public?
Will you be the one to create such a sweet spot for the public?
If you are feel free to contact me for more details @ lets work out the details for the common good.